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  • wareham2620 wareham2620 Nov 3, 2008 10:12 PM Flag

    Why I Can't Vote For Obama

    Our tax dollars don't always go for the reasons they're intended to.As for the homeless and the poor?
    First let me say this .I'm not a rich person nor am I a saint.However,I've stopped drinking ,drugging and spending my money as fast as I got my hands on it.I started working for a living and mean working ,as I have very little education . I've done without the nice cars ,top dollar clothes,eating out etc.I saved and invested my money and still do without in order to pay my taxes every year.
    Now back to homeless and the poor.The bible states to give according to their needs not their wants.I have from time to time brought homeless people to my home to shower ,eat and do their laundry.
    I also know people who spend their SS checks every month ... ,our tax money,...on drugs and their children do without their needs.I often spend the money I save by doing without my own wants,on their children's needs,clothes,food and sometimes even their wants.I feel both great for helping the children and also like a fool .As I know the parents are spending the children's support money on drugs.By the way ,if they can make it to the polls they want to vote for Obama.That's right, they want more for nothing and without working for it and they don't care where Obama gets it.
    "A little looking at the log in one own eye would be a good thing to do instead of the mote in that liberal eye."
    Oh yes, I still have logs in my eyes and I know it. But I do what I can and It may not always be right.
    But I don't think voting for Obama would be right.
    Best of luck to you and everybody here.Even to the people voting for Obama ,as they know not what they do.

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