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  • jfw4144 jfw4144 Sep 9, 2009 9:22 AM Flag

    Little league in da hood

    I can't make this stuff up. Ballplayer on the south side of Chicago gets pissed at his coach so he empties his gat into the guy. Coach survives now they want metal detectors and security at their ballgames. I know I'm racist for bringing this stuff up, but if laughing at idiots like this and those who defend this type of murderous lifestyle where every teenaged kid has a gun and uses it at the slightest provocation on his neighbors makes me a racist so be it. There are worse things in life than being a racist; like being a democrat for example.

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    • Vietnam was a mistake. Same with Iraq. We had no business there. I said that earlier so don't paint me with that brush, Marxist.

      How many countries moved to communism after Vietnam? Zero. Don't say it was a mistake. It may have been costly and sacrificed many American lives. The domino effect was actually stopped.

    • Of you course you would believe whatever an Obamabot would tell you. Critical thinking is beyond you as is your spelling.

      You know damn well the southern part of Texas is chock full of migrants. As I said, the uninsured is a state issue under the 10th Amendment. It is ours and we will deal with it. It is not the federal government's job.

      Perry is an idiot. I voted for Kinky the last time around.

      I don't worship the doctors. I admire their skill. I don't have your taste of wealth envy nor your desire to limit their life so others can benefit for nothing. You want a piece of the pie in this country, then you work your ass off for it. Anything less? You get nothing. As it should be.

      Go worship the poor, pitiful, poor and pretend you are a God among men. Oh and there is one thing I do agree with you:

      "The meek shall inherit the earth"

      Very true. Usually it comes in the form of a 3x6x6 plot of earth and a tombstone that says "better luck next time".

    • Well now who should I believe a non bias person like you or the Dallas daily news?

      The infor was taken from the Censes info collected in Texas.
      You ever walked up to a group of Mexicans or to a home of Mexicans in south texas or any wheres else in Texas now? The illegals do not run up to you to talk to you they are the ones walking away or moving backward. They do not line up to give their opinons to Censes takers.

      Your ignorance is amazing considering how much you think of yourself. Just who do you think gives the states (EvenRich Perry ran Texas) money to pay for those programs?
      Duh thats right Uncle Sam does give the great state of Texas the huge majority of that money. Now you want Texas to foot the bill? Talk about a tax increase your sales tax would double and we would have to have a state income tax if Texas picked up the cost.

      Did you check your tax returns to see what % you paid to Fed of your AGI compared to how much you paid in local and state taxes?
      Be careful what you wish for LD or you may have to move to Mississippi.

      Now you crawl into the gutter as a way of elevating your position how nice of you. I guess the real you is comming out and it is not pretty is it?
      Barb may even blush and say a prayer for you for talking that way.

      You think like your hero Rick I want to leave the Union Perry.
      I would love for Texas to leave the union just to watch him and your kind crawling begging and crying to get back in. The last time the left when they came back they lost their right to break up into 5 states like stupid Gov. Rick Perry still thinks they have. They lost the war and did not get back in on their terms but had to accept whatever the winner told them to take. It would take less than a month before you right wing nut jobs were ran out of Texas on a rail once the cost of being your own nation started to rake up.
      Of course I guess you would do away with all public schools to start with. Then no help to anyone except business interest in oil and gas of course and agro business and timber industry but none to the people just those who own business since they alone count. No medicade or medicare or SS since those are all Fed programs and why would the US send checks to the great nation of Texas?
      Want to tell us all what else the nation of Texas as LD wants would look like?

      By the way LD why do you not tell those on the board not living in Texas about the reform Texas did several years ago in tort reform for doctors? Now since they have already got tort reform why do you think old Rick thought then needed a $3 buck a visit raise? Gee Fox and all those on the right say tort reform will do wonders for health care cost and if those wonders are what we have seen in Texas it will go up not down as doctors visits have gone up every years since we got tort reform that the Republican told us would lower our doc visits. lol The greed infested Doctors seem to not have came through on those saving I guess.

      Why dont you go find some poor suffering doctor and get on your knees in front of them and worship them since you love them so much.

    • What the hell is CHIPS? California Highway Patrol? In Texas? You mean SCHIPS? And you do understand, I have a heavy illegal immigrant population in South/SouthWest Texas that they counted, right?

      Either or, it is a Texas issue. Not a Federal one. Let the state handle it. I am sure they can come up with a nice little plan like Wisconsin did with their co-ops.

      Your blind faith in government run anything after watching Bush Sr, Clinton, and Bush jr just fuck things up with the Congress as well is sickening. Do you not believe in the independence of man? Do you think the government is the answer to all of our problems and that we need more and more government? Disgusting. Obama needs his nightly blow job. Chop! Chop! Don't keep the messiah waiting. (rumour is you do a better job then Michele, Rahm, Reid, and Pelosi).

    • I will gladly knowing you will be writing as well and that you will be hating every minute of it ruining your health and hurrying your sickness with the evil root of greed that makes you the person you are.

      By the way headlines in Dallas Daily news (not a liberal rag like your Houston paper) was 1 in 4 Texans do not have any health care. Now again use that little brain of yours to think if you can at all.
      All the folks in Texas that are over 65 has Gov NHC now so they are part of the 4 covered and too those that are really poor also have Gov ran NHC now with medicade so they are part of the 4 as well. All vets in Texas (and being a pround state we have lots of vets) are also part of that 4.
      So you LD how many folks in Texas alone are without any kind of health care?
      You take away all those on Gov NHC now and it would be 1 in 3 without insurance.

      Now even you I would hope would see that 1 in 3 good Texans (these are citenzens too so spare me your illegal he is a liar speech) are out in the cold without health care and I guess you think 7 or 8 million Texans are just sorry no good for nothing bums that need to just die or suffer for being less brilliant and self supporting like you?

      Now look around where you live in your elite Woodlands and rest easy knowing that maybe 1 in 10 of your neighbors are in that scumbag catorgory to which you shove everyone not covered.
      I am sure almost 1 in 10 in Woodlands are non white so there you have the cast a ways.

      You do know that the CHIP program for kids has been cut in Texas while doctors were paid $3 dollars more per visit by the state in the last budget?
      Those poor old doctors out there driving year old BMW need that 3 bucks so kick a few kids off the CHIPS to let the docs have a raise. Now that is Texas Republican thinking. Brain dead as usual.

    • Ahh the liberal hypocrisy strikes again.

      Liberals: Keep religion out of government!

      Liberals (when needing money for more entitlements): But..but..but...Jesus said (insert flavor of the day here).

      I know the bible better than you. You can't hide from what it says or twist it. You seem to think compassion and charity is something I do not do. I do. I just don't think it's the government's role to put a gun to my head and take my wallet in the name of charity.

      There is also a fine line between being compassionate and a sucker. Which is why I prefer my compassion to be going to the church in the form of a tithe and charity as opposed to outright seizure by the government and a total lack of accountability of where those funds goes.

      "They sold their possessions to make sure everyone had food and a place to stay. That is socialist isn't it?" Yup and there is a big difference between them and you. They volunteered. You would use the power of government with it's ability to use deadly force, to demand the people to submit to Socialism. The apostles had a choice. You insist we don't.

      "Your hate and distrust of folks of color will scream out your lack of love for them."

      I do not love enemies of the state.

      "I have seen lots of hate and anger from you towards those who have less in life than you"

      And I am not angry towards them for their lot in life. I am angry against people like you who think I should bend my neck and be their slave, by providing them with the things they want or need when it is "their" responsibility to do so.

      "you in fact seem to view compassion as weak and foolish."

      That tends to happen when you live in a nation of leeches and parasites who abuse compassion and generosity on a daily basis.

      But if you insist on forcing Socialism down our throats for the "betterment" of society (not that your candidates are worth a shit if ACORN is any indicator), then I see no reason why we , the people, are not entitled to some payback. I pay for their lives? They owe me their lives. If I am to be their indentured servant, then they are mine.

      Like my Tier system for the hospital, if I am funding your life because you were to stupid to live and responsible on your own, then in exchange for that food, water, clothes, car, health care, the first thing I want is mandatory sterilization (reversible). (See Buck v. Bell 274 U.S. 200 (1927).

      Any person who is not retired or disabled (legitimately) and can work but choose not too, gets a choice: Prison or a job.

      Those who are drop outs, under achievers, non hackers, dopers, and constant breeders for an extra check, sterilized.

      "We have seen more than once that the public welfare may call upon the best citizens for their lives. It would be strange if it could not call upon those who already sap the strength of the State for these lesser sacrifices, often not felt to be such by those concerned, in order to prevent our being swamped with incompetence. It is better for all the world, if instead of waiting to execute degenerate offspring for crime, or to let them starve for their imbecility, society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind. The principle that sustains compulsory vaccination is broad enough to cover cutting the Fallopian tubes." - SCOTUS Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

      My interest is to promote a nation of economic strength, military power, and scientific dominance. The ones who wish to fulfill those goals should be given every opportunity to reach it. Those who chose to live off of others? Prison.

      Nuff said.

    • "Get it through you brain once and for all I do not care if it does cost me more money to insure those that do not have it."

      Good. You write the check.

    • "As for as Viet Nam goes you are like chenny no right even to speak the name of the place and clueless about what it was about or what it was like.

      I have every right, Marxist. As my father was there fighting and other family members as well for nothing. Nearly died for nothing and for what? ARVN (from what I heard)was worthless as a fighting force. The people you went to fight for could give a rat's ass about who won or lost, or was their new master as long as they got food and money. You should be pissed at the fact that 55k lives were thrown in a trash can over a people who didn't give a damn about their country.

      Ironic, because that situation is being played out here. A sizable group of people who are willing to be slaves to a new master so they can have their every desire fulfilled by somebody else. They don't give a rat's ass about this country either. So if you were pissed about Nam, then by God, you should be pissed here.

      "I guess I am a traitor to that lifestyle and glad enough of use were traitors to end it."

      Yes you are a traitor. To the Constitution that never gave you the authority to plunder people for votes and a free ride. I am so honored to pay for their food, clothes, cars (see Mass), cell phones (see Colorado), houses (see section 8), lottery tickets (see New York, this past August), and now their health care. You are a goddamn sellout.

    • Listen up, old man. My father was there in Vietnam and nearly died twice. I have heard the stories from hundreds of vets about what happened, what didn't happened, what should have happened.

      Every soldier that dies is a blow to me considering the idiots in power are more interested in photo ops and second guessing my Generals as opposed to winning a war. And my state lost another one. His funeral was Tuesday.

      "We kicked the South ass once in 1865"

      Yeah, because the Union didn't do much to win a war they should have won in 1861. Good job.

      "then again in the 50's and 60's and both times they were traitors to the US."

      For demanding blacks be kept out of their neighborhoods and schools? I don't see it that way. I see it as the Fed interfering with the lives of free men telling them who they must have as a neighbor.

      Take a look at our communities today. You can't integrate people that don't want to integrate. There is a big difference between working with everyone and then having them as neighbors. It is a cultural thing.

      Tell me, what has desegregation done? Outside of turning whole neighborhoods into war zones, white flight, Asian flight, lowered standards of acceptance in colleges. Take a look. Look at the NBA. They are not professional ball players, they are professional thugs. Look at the NFL. Look at what happened last Thursday at the Boise game. Thugs and criminals and I am supposed to not harbor any ill feelings? Guess again.

      How can you demand integration of a people that has no respect for their women, their children, their future, where every black man who succeeds is immediately called an "oreo" by his own race? Or a people who constantly refer to their women as "hoes". People who had no problem with setting up a child sex brothel (Yesterday).

      Ask General Powell the crap he had to deal with when he grew up. Ask him. Who gave him the most crap? White or Black? He was poor but he was smart. He fought his way through school to make people recognize him as a man of integrity not of color. He became one of our best General's. This is a man I wanted for President because he knows how to inspire and lead. Same with Condi Rice.

      These are the people we want, friend-o, as our neighbors and friends. Not the drug dealers, pimps, prostitutes, gang bangers, thugs. How bad is it when blacks who do succeed want nothing to do with where they come from? Think on that.

      "Now I know you loyality lies to the good old boy southern"

      My loyalty is the Constitution of the United States. As should be yours.

      "thinnking where white sheets and white boys ruled but you yellow bellied out when Fed troops came a calling."

      I am so glad you think the Federal government is all knowing, and all wise, and that the people should be good little slaves and never question the government.

    • Pray tell why does the govmt have to run it??? There are way they can be insured without the govmt running it.

      It won't pass anyway if it is govmt run...unless BO rams it thru like he has in the past.


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