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  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Oct 22, 2010 2:48 PM Flag

    Juan Williams fired from Public TV fair or not?

    Before you answer the question look at what he said and where he said it.

    He said he gets scared when on an airplane with folks who are in Muslim dress. Ok he says he is telling the truth and he also claims he is not a bigot.

    Bill OReilly on which show the comment was made agreed with Juan. Fair to fire him or not?

    How about his forget Juan for a second and ask yourself this would NPR hire Bill OReilly after agreeing to Juan's remark.

    The fact is Juan told the truth and his truth reveals that he is a bigot. He is a bigot that does not realize he is a bigot. Now if Bill Moyers was on OReilly and said " I get really scared when I find myself in a store with a lot of black looking gang members in the store. Would that make him a bigot? He is judging a race of people by their dress just as Juan is doing. Not all Muslim's wear the kind of dress that "scares" Juan so he can only be afraid of those that do.
    Back in the old days (and even today) white women were told to be afraid of black men. Is that bigoted? Of course it is.

    The sad truth is that American's it seems have forgotten what a bigot is and what effect bigoted thinking has on the people that are targeted. The whole Mosque near the 9-11 thing is nothing more than bigoted thinking against all muslin's.

    OReilly's comments on the view show clearly he is a bigot.
    Now is he too stupid to know it? It would be easy to say no he is not but lets look at Juan before we convict Bill.

    Both have said bigoted things about Muslin's. The fact that Juan or Bill is "scared" of them does not mean that truth equals non bigoted. Folks are scared of blacks does that not make it racism or bigoted? Your private truth can in fact be the very reason you are a bigot.

    It does seem to me that in this day bigots are easly found everwhere and the PC is not to call them bigots and try to "inform" them of their error. Bigotery is more than error it is failed logic and pregjudice to the core.

    Yes Juan should be fired by NPR as he is bias, bigoted and has lost his judgement. Yes NPR should not hire OReilly a proven bigot just as Juan has revealed himself to be. Juan being black over and over again on Fox has defended his race which he should but he clearly is just as bigoted as those he takes on for being bigoted against blacks.

    Bigots seem to be the hidden majority in this country proving again just how stupid America has dumbed itself down too.

    Common sense will tell you that any Muslin who gets on an airplane in plain Muslin dress has been "extra" checked before being allowed to board as profiling is merely a legal means of bigotery and Juan would scream and hollor if Blacks looking like hip hop stars were treated the way Muslin's are every day at airports.

    In looking for drugs or money if you profile and base all your action on what looks like the greatest risk you will miss most of the real threats as the big boys understand the power of bigots better than do the bigots themselves. They get older white folks to carry their drugs and cash in the larger cartels shipments across country or use commerical carriers. Ever see a truck hauling cars across the US driven by Billy Bob get pulled over and given a hard search like a truck driven by a Hispanic hauling a cargo in a closed trailer? Car carriers are known shipment tools not because of profile but because they have been found to be used a lot as are gas tankers and milk tankers. Terrorist are no dumber than drug smugglers and like bigots running things when it comes to catching them. To bad Juan just don't get it. Maybe he has been on Fox too long.

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    • Juan said what he felt about Muslims that are dressed in Muslim grab and are getting a plane. He stated his opinion. What, we can't have an opinion anymore? He said that since the 9/11 and other Muslim attacks he feels uneasy to see these people on a plane. Its no wonder is it. He feels the same way 85% of Americans feel. He said nothing wrong but some people want to make something out of it and use it for grounds to fire him. I think this was a blessing in disguise for him and he will come out on top.

      As far as the people that fired him, they were looking for a reason to get rid of him because of his association with FOX. Cut off the funding to this station. I don't want my tax money going there.

      Juan seems to me to be one of the nicest guys you would ever want to meet. As far as people here calling him names, they need their head examined. They don't know what they are talking about. They call everyone names that don't agree with them. They are the ones that need to see a psychiatrist

      HAGD Barb

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      • Well Well if nothing else this discussion has got Barb calling "Juan" "Juan seems to me to be one of the nicest guys you would ever want to meet"

        I am just thrilled that Miss Fox Barb thinks so highly of the only "liberal" on the Fox payroll.

        Reality check folks. You who defend what he said seem to forget the "context" in which it was said.

        Bill O was trying to "man up" after caving in to Barbera Wa
        Wa and the girls on the view and was explaining to his loyal Fox brainwashed crowd just how he was right and they (the gals) were wrong and it was ok to refer to all terrorist as Muslim. That somehow in Bill O brain calling a person a Muslim meaning terrorist was not bigoted.

        Let me try again for all the Juan fans out there?

        All uncle Toms are black thus when refering to uncle Tom just say blacks.

        All gays are human thus when refering to gays just say human.

        All sluts are women so when refering to women just say slut.

        Now boys and girls a person on TV trying to pass themselves off as an expert in the skill of communication should understand these things are not only wrong but also show a total lack of understanding of communication skills.

        Unless of course your talking to right wing nut jobs who happen to be white folks so all white folks are of course?


    • While I share the fear that most Westerners have about Radical Islam, moderate Mulims have the same fears. Some have come out in defense of Juan Wlliams.

    • Hey Joe you remind me of what I call the closed minded right wing nut jobs. If you don't agree with them then your a sorry no good for nothing regardless that they do not even know you.

      Disagreement doesn't get that in my book. However your beliefs are in eco or politics that may make me disagree with you and think you wrong but only if you become mean, selfish, greedy and heartless individual as shown by your post do I put someone in that Cat.

      Here is one for your side Joe.
      What I have seen from Juan and the blacks who defended him is racism at its best.
      Yes indeed blacks can be racist in their actions just as can we white folks. It comes easy for us. Blacks because of the need to take up for each other and "protect" the brother or sister under attack.

      In his words Juan clearly admitted that All Muslim's in a certain kind of dress scared him on a plane. Now lets take that into the black community shall we?

      A white person might say "When I am in certain parts of town and see blacks dressed up in that ganster attire I get scared of them"
      My bet is Juan and other blacks would try to say the dress is merely a statement of the current black culture amoung the younger blacks and simply because a person dresses in a certain way does not mean they will pull a gun and shoot you. He would be correct. Just because you are a Muslim in Muslin attire does not mean you should be afraid they will jump up and fly the airplane or bomb the plane. None of the terrorist who have done this or tried were dressed in Muslim attire.
      Maybe they are smarter than Juan and all who fear and judge on clothes on a man.

      But for one who names calls over disagreement what else do I expect. Not much.

    • Why do you post this *&%@#^ on the FRO board ??

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      • As far as termination that may be excessive. But he did fall into a pile of money from it. Maybe that was part of his plan. We have the freedom of speech. And no where have I read that you have to walk on egg shells when you speak. So if a virus broke out such as Ebola and I was at and African Hair Braiding Seminar because I decided to be a hair stylist. During the seminar I noticed someone who was bleeding from the eyes, nose, and everyother oraface. If I said that was bad, that it made me nervous, that it scared me. Would I be wrong. Give me a break. He was simply speaking real fears. Will every Muslim who gets on a plane try to take it down. No way. But 17 did and it is a fear for everyone getting on a plane. Can one's fears not be spoken. Maybe we just need Arab Air and only Muslims can fly that way. Stupid statement but it is the obvious fear.

    • I guess when it comes to what the public should hear there are those that DON'T want them to hear it. Hey, being bi-sexual and a Muslim is the 'in' thing these days. Afterall, you're either in love with one, or blowing up the other. JKP

    • If he is that afraid then he deserves to stay on Fox. NPR is for rational people who can override their gut with their brain.

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