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  • buster55391 buster55391 Apr 8, 2011 4:23 PM Flag

    Gov. Shut Down

    validates the need to be more self reliant.

    Imagine the non-constitutional health care bill in full working order a few years from now. The gov. threatens a shutdown to include the NEW gov. run healthcare, because they are demanding something else from the "people". Once the gov. controls most everything from what was a free society, they can pretty much threaten a shutdown to "take Away" from the the people any time they need something. Our society is literally a few years from this point. Many of you that voted for Obama must be shocked at his support of planned parenthood and his denying our soldiers pay during the shutdown. This says a lot about this president, and those of you not paying attention should be by now.

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    • I am not an expert of the constitution. But how is the Health Care Bill Unconstitutional?

    • If we don't control the present there will be no future to worry about.
      As for planned parenthood. Rogere and Dak made the best case in support of it and the naysayers were not very convincing on this board.

    • my ins. company said they were going to cancel me because i sent in my payment and by accident i was .09 short.

    • Just a glimpse of how some others are viewing gold.

      Best of luck,


    • Barbershores!


      it's like the emperor's new clothes☺

    • Mr. Deloach,

      From your post: "The law does not allow the F.R. banks to purchase Treasury
      paper directly from the Treasury because that would make money creation
      through the F.R. banks a charade, reserve requirements a farce, and the dollar a
      But, for the fed to puchase the excess volume "at auction", is not a charade, a farce, or a sham.


      Best of luck,


    • Addendum:

      "Another thing the Fed is not allowed to do legally is to
      purchase Treasury paper from the U.S. Treasury directly. It must be purchased
      indirectly through open market operations. If you don’t put the Treasury paper
      through the test of the open market before the Fed is allowed to buy it, the
      presumption is that the market would reject it as worthless, or would take it only
      at a deep discount. The law does not allow the F.R. banks to purchase Treasury
      paper directly from the Treasury because that would make money creation
      through the F.R. banks a charade, reserve requirements a farce, and the dollar a

    • Ms. Clifford,

      From your post: " I assume this will most likely occur when the fed gets real about inflation and loosens its grip on interest rates"
      I don't expect the fed to let up on interest rates much for some time to come.

      The fed used to be able to control the long rates by manipulating the short rates, but that hasn't worked for quite some time now.

      The tool they are using now, is direct purchases of treasuries at auction by the fed.

      They look at the volumes bid at various rates in the auction, set the rate at what they want, and any securities they wanted to sell not covered by the volume below the rate bid, they just have the fed purchase.

      This is how they are manipulating long rates.

      The market purchases of the fed of treasuries "after" the auction, looks to be winding down.

      It also looks like the practice of government spraying around money as if from a fire hose may be winding down.

      The funds from both of these sources finds it's way into both the stock market and the bond market.

      With these two sources of liquidity ending, the fed may be forced to buy even more at auction.

      I don't think this boosts the stock market so strongly as we have seen, mostly the bond market.

      Europe is devaluing it's Euro.

      Japan is devaluing it's yen.

      So, I expect that the dollar will probably bounce relative to most global currencies.

      However, since they are all devaluing, it is only relative.

      To see the real devaluation of the dollar, do what I have said repeatedly for some time now:

      Watch gold and bread.

      The best proxy for bread is probably wheat.

      Just my take.

      Best of luck,


    • Would be a good thing if it were for real. Stupid bloodsuckers should actually shoot themselves in the face.

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      • "stock market seems somewhere between indifferent and gleeful at the prospect of a possible government shutdown."
        The stock market is pretty much ignoring the: "SHUT DOWN OF THE GOVERNMENT".

        Because it isn't of any particular significance.

        Just the parties in one of their attempts to gain the public's trust.

        So, in the end they can all say what a good job they did for us all.

        That they saved us from catastrophe by making huge sacrifices.

        That they are very important, and we are not.

        It's just a ho hum political tactic by both parties.

        The more things change, the more they seem the same.

        I would have thought that the media would have caught on to all of this by now.

        But I guess each news agency has their agenda too.

        Are you ready for democracy yet?

        Best of luck, God bless, power to the citizens,


    • It's called a soft tyranny. 535 little emperors and their various actors in the agencies that hold their hand out for the masses to feed from.

      They have conditioned 1/2 a nation it is better to be a well fed slave earning tax dollars while crushing the rest of us who choose more. We are the ones who get vilified for doing more, wanting more, and achieving more. The heroes are not us, nor the producers, or movers. The liberal heroes are those who do nothing and stomp their feet in rage if their neighbor has 1 dollar more than they.

      Our nation is finished and you know what? Can't say I'm sorry about it. Very hard to have a nation that is cohesive when 1/2 of it has zero obligations and is looking for a handout.

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