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  • dakine1840 dakine1840 Sep 30, 2011 4:23 PM Flag

    Overpriced American Labor


    Non union Net Adm in America making $100K a year while their counterparts in india make about $10K year with even more experience? Time to import cheap computer help into America or ship all the jobs overseas. These non union scab type American computer techs think they are worth so much? Compare them to their counterparts elsewhere.

    Remember..there is about 49 rupees to an AMerican dollar.

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    • "Get a job. See how it works."

      Did that when I was younger. I went for a career instead. =)

    • So do you reckon that you should be able to hire an Indian lawyer comparatively for say 50 bucks an hour ? you know of course that american lawyers start out charging around 300 /hr.

    • Many companies tried that approach, it didn't work, American's don't want to deal with Indian labor especially in a call center environment. My company tried it and pulled it back out 2 years later. The jobs are back int he U.S. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

    • Like LD says, 'why pay more for less?'
      What needs to happen is that the CEOs get paid salaries competetive with foreign CEOs. They make about 10x more, here, than their foreign counterparts for doing worse.

    • American labor isn't over priced, the rest of the world is underpriced because the wealthy in those countries don't give a dam about the middle class and poor.

      Do you want to live with Indian, Chinese, British, German, and French Rich guys making you live like the people in India?

      America doesn't need to lower our standards.

      Stop buying the Chinese crap at Walmart and America will do just fine.

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      • This is really false.

        US fixed costs are much higher. For example, you cant pay a factory worker in the US 15 cents because he in turn cannot pay a landlord or a mortgage banker enough to sustain his housing debt.

        Trade between nations will equalize when debt service costs are similar. Then you can harp on things like "competitiveness, innovation, regulatory environment", yada yada as being the determinate factors in trade. Until then its all a massive debt service cost arbitrage.

        Btw, FRO is still a bankrupt pig stock.

      • Why pay more for less? That's the problem with our manufactured goods. The quality isn't there. The commitment isn't there to build quality. American labor doesn't care how poorly they build things. Especially union workers. They have a contract. They get paid regardless of the junk they make.

        Answer this..when was the last time a poorly made American car got people fired or suspended? Never. Never happens. Why? Labor has no shame. They don't care. Why should they? They have a contract. The only way they could ever lose their jobs is to fark the CEO's daughter or burn the place down. And even then, the unions would rush to the defense of the cretins.

      • at Walmart, Target, and many other stores that have sold you marchancise that WAS NOT MADE AND ASSEMBLE IN THE U S A...You are a hypocritic,union goon who is too ignorant to see that the rest of the world can get along fine without us. It is about time that you realize that the govt owes more than $300k PER PERSON in debt if you include unfunded govt pensions, social security and health care entitlements....THAT IS JUST THE add to that the amount of debt many states have....We are bankrupt and soon with all jobs being sent abroad (including your unless you are one of many pathetic lazy govt employees sucking at the govt teat!

    • Hope you enjoy the quality of the work you're going to be getting.

      Foreign IT ends up costing more in terms of execution despite the positive wage arbitrage.

      Go buy some HPQ garbage stock if you think otherwise.

    • So you are just now coming to the same conclusion as the rest of us at how outgunned American labor is when compared to other areas of the world? Congrats?!?

      Union or non-union, American labor is very expensive for pretty much all of the jobs. Pandora's box has been opened regarding a connected global economy, and things are now permanently changed. I really don't see a way out of this dilemma other than letting free market capitalism go to work. The cheap labor will consistently go up as their workers demand a better and better lifestyle. Developed countries labor will continue to see their pay stressed to the downside until equilibrium is reached. What other solution is there really? American workers will smarten up and really focus on trying to land the good paying jobs that can't be outsourced so easily. The rest of America will be forced to make some painful adjustments to adjusting their lifestyle to the new economics. In the meantime, the earth still rotates, the sun still rises in the East and sets in the West, and life continues to move on.

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