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  • maddskiil maddskiil Oct 27, 2011 4:44 PM Flag

    Here Some Nice Photos Of Awesome Neighborhoods...


    all they need is higher taxes and more regulations will turn this place around real fast. Say is that Dork-king purchasing some Mad Dog 20 20?

    See pics below:

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    • Here’s a suggestion for those who want to see how their neighborhood is doing beyond daytime appearances. If you have a dog you take for walks or just go walking/jogging for the exercise, and you are a city dweller, take the pooch for a walk or jog late at night. See if all the cars parked along the street are unoccupied...or are there people sleeping in them? Ask yourself if this is something you would have witnessed as little as 4 years ago. Now ask yourself, based on the trend, where this will lead in as little as 4 more years.

      What you are witnessing here is not “unionism”, per se. It is a country that has been run by a central bank, the Federal Reserve that prints the country’s money. This is the genesis of the rot. The middle class, many of whom are represented by union membership, have been dealing with a declining standard of living caused by a currency that continues to lose value over time. This, of course, leads to things like labor unions, supposedly brought into existence to offset income losses from this source. This is just ONE of the many negative effects of a private central bank first and foremost concerned only by increasing its power and wealth while giving the appearance that it is an arm of the Federal Government, and therefore has the Peoples’ interests as part of its mission.

      Unfortunately, based on the way it is reported by slanted media reports, those voices that comprise the various “Occupy” protest sites that are springing up only air the worst displays of participant behaviors by so called “conservative” media hosts, and not the following:

      tinyurl com/anOCCUPIERSstatments (replace the space with a “.” on the address line for access)

      Now ask yourself if any of the current crop of political candidates sees things as well as the protestor in the video. And if they do, are they attempting to cover up this obviously corrupt system of governing brought into existence by a central bank by refusing to address it publicly.

      We do need to address this problem rationally and with focus. Remember that the investors/owners of the Fed have had a long term strategy to bring us to where we are today, and it will take a concerted long term effort to undo the damage done by them. That is going to take some very good dedicated leadership to speak for We The People, another Thomas Jefferson, and followers that will replace that person once he/she is gone.

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      • hapiwonder while the fed has done some dumb things mostly under Greenspan it is not the real villian that you see it as being.

        It had done its part to aid and abet the real enemy that being Globalism of which now controls most of the financial world. The Fed is merely one arm of the battle to form a one world Corp controled world where finance is the center piece and removes voters from any real importance which sadly they have proven not up the task anyway.

        The world and the USA rather we like it or not moves on the eco ball that controls everything in our lives. The days of barter are gone as are the independence of nations. We live in a time and age of totally Globalism and where Danes' end up fighting in Afghan Land because of Global alliances. The Fed's only concern is keep the ball in the air and the game in play. They will do all they can to accomplish that. Globalism demands no less.

        The Fed has worked with Presidents of both parties in good times and bad with one goal in mind. A good eco. THe fed does not start 2 wars nor does it take down walls between investment banks, main street banks and wall street it does try to manage the eco when those ideas fail to work out well as we saw in 2008. The Fed has been a Wall of last resort to try to stop both inflation and deflation and to slow down or speed up the eco which how the inflation cycle works. It has not voted on Globalism but reacts to it when it became the law of the land.

        The Fed has been in recent history behind the curve of events and only under Volker did they do the right thing at the right time. The present Fed Chairman job is difficult since he got a Fed that already had done most of the tricks in its bag but even with that Mr. B has worked hard to keep the US from going into a deep recession or depression.

        Without the Fed 2008 would of been 1929 all over again. Only fools want to see a repeat of that fun time in American history which took us 20 years to recover from.

        The Fed has done less damage to this country than the Globalist presidence we have elected starting with RR to today.

    • Not only that, we need more union jobs too! Don't forget that. Higher taxes, business crushing regs, and union jobs! That will turn us around in a heart beat!

    • I cam across this replay to the article and thought it hit the nail on the head

      • Yes folks, it really does look like this, and some of these pictures don’t really do it the justice it deserves. I live in the metro Detroit area and have been in every nook, cranny, and alley in this city at one time or another over the last 40 years. The degradation of this town is downright criminal, and we have a lot of people in jail right now to prove it. There should be a lot more of the cities so called leaders who should join them in jail, but that will never happen.
      Take a good look at what liberalism combined with corruption has done to this city, because this is your future you are looking at. This is also the result of racism, by both black and whites, no one race is to blame, both share the responsibility. Don’t let anyone tell you anything different.
      When you just give people a way of life where they do not have to work for what they get, and they just sit, do their dope, prey on innocent people to fed their habits, what do you think is going to happen. Nothing good that’s for sure, and nothing has.
      I have no idea how we get out of this mess, because the list of corrupt people are just waiting in line to get their share of the government pie.
      So take a good hard look my friends, this is not the America I grew up believing in, but it is the America that we are turning into, your time is coming. Unless you change things and I mean right now, Detroit will not be the only city that looks like this, your town will be next.

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