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  • railsnstocks railsnstocks Feb 13, 2012 12:32 AM Flag

    New Ships Pay Attention

    Ask yourself why he is doing this?

    He knows that soon the demand will return as the worlds economy recovers.

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    • Great story

    • Holy Crap Rails get a hold of yourself buddy. Are you serious Iran sink one of our carries lol. Russian and China get involved? If they do it will be on our side as they know we can kick their butts.

      I think Lincoln was in office when the South started the Civil War.
      Woodrow Wilson was during WWI and tried his best to stay out of it we can debate the right or wrong of that. FDR was President for WWII and He did want war long before the Japanese bombed Pearle and it was indeed the Repubican's and S. Demo's who fought him to stay out. Clearly FDR was right or do you really think we should of not of declared war when Japan bombed pearl? Korea? Again we were attacked do you think any president of the US would not of acted in defense of the troops? Viet Nam I will give you that one. Johnson blew it.

      However BC did the right thing in the Balkens as we still have adult behavior from those former children. GW Bush attacked Iraq for no good reason and botched the war in Afghan land. So you run the total and I am not even counting GH Bush Gulf Storm war. 3 for the Bushes alone.
      I count 4 for Repubs one in response to being attacked the other 3 US aggression. I count 4 for the Demo's two in defense clearly one aggression and one a flip of the coin as to why we got into it.

      I say both parties have fought some needed wars and both screwed up.

      If you think 10 million will die in the Middle east and Russia and China will go against us then you can kiss the stock market good buy and Fro will be BK. That type of war will destroy the world eco and Russia, China and the USA dam well know it. That is one reason that Iran is getting away with all they have. Iran is running out of options that is true as Obama is doing a great job of ruining their eco. and forcing a reaction out of them. The only question is will it be the one he wants or will it be an act of ignorance and war like Iraq. It will take us less than two weeks to destroy their air force navy and every militery base they have and bomb the country back into the stone age and they know it. So does Russian and china. We have gotten something for our 20% of the National budget and it is a kick axx machine. WE just do really bad at occupation because we unlike the Russian or Germans do not shot 15 civilians for each of our guys kill by the occuppied countries "freedom fighters".

      Saber rattling and threats and then some form of backdown is about all I expect out of Iran. They can't hit Israel with a Nuke without taking out their Arab buddies all around them but the truth is that Iran has no real friends except for the new Iraq which we created for them to ally with.
      Another well thought out foreign policy plan by GW Bush and crowd. Make an ally for you worse enemy really smart.

      I hope the rates go up but not the way you think as that would create a crash in broad markets that would be worse than the Bush crash. Russian and China against the USA and you actually think the market would be good for any stock? Rails you need to chill man you are flatlinning on Iran.

    • Still asking myself why.

      Why anyone would invest in this when there are so many better opportunities.

      This company will be hemorrhaging money into 2013.

      When you say that the industry is overcapacity by 100 tankers.... and then you buy 10 *more* tankers?

      Because they are cheap? LOL

      They will be cheap idle ships.

      America is producing more oil @ home and from Canada. I see a reversal for the need in overseas tankers.

      Some studies indicate we could be virtually foreign oil free by 2030.

      While I think that is perhaps far too optimistic, a 30% reduction in foreign oil is not. And .. hmmm... that means a 30% reduction in the need for tankers coming *here*

      Pass on the tankers... buy the commodity!!!!!

      Speculate here you will lose!!!

    • He either is bullish on shipping, or,

      He intends to phase out FRO with Frontline 2012, the actual purchaser of the new ships.

      He sees the expansion of the Panama Canal as a near term catalyst.

    • if this is only thing pushing PPS down then it's a buy

    • The paper said Fredriksen's privately-owned Seatankers Group will purchase the vessels and then sell them on to Frontline 2012.

      Just a question -->
      If Frontline 2012 can afford to buy these vessels - why not buy them directly ? Why have this middle company (Seatankers Group ) that is privately owned by Fredriksen ?

      • 2 Replies to siri_shot
      • JF won't buy these directly - he is a master at off balance sheet finance structures. Where's the peanut?

        Well, he kinda rescued FRO. Or maybe you should stand tall and salute the company that truly did - SFL.

        SFL is not getting this new business - it goes to "SeaTankers".

        FRO doesn't get the new ships - JF ran off with them and will now compete against FRO with more efficient ships at FRO2012.

        Feel used and abused?

      • Excellent question to ask siri shot. We see FRO pulling the strings now on SFL (which is going up today btw) and making the lower their rates they were charging FRO on already agreed on long term leases. FRO would find itself in the same position to Seatankers Group that SFL is to FRO now.

        My point was not to say that Mr. F. is a crook but he does have an ego and when ego's get out of control you have an Enron happen. Enron was a very sucessful and REAL co for many years until the CEO wanted to find himself being called CEO of the year which he did. He reach to become the #1 company in engery movment overstepped his co. ability to pull it off.

        World com too was a real co. that got too big for its britches led by an egoist CEO. It was the CEO who took on too much debt as he expanded by buying out others at too high a price and couldn't pay the bills.

        I never said I was going to sell FRO in fact said I was still holding but for those who have seen FRO fall from above 5 to where it is today that is caused by Mr. F ideas not being seen as good thinking. He could win but he could always lose also. My comments were based on seeing him overstepping and taking away the dividend which has driven this stock in the past. Time will tell but so far the market seems to be punishing his idea.

    • Rails I get worried when men who have succeeded in a sector decide they want to become a giant. Enron, world com for two and TXU almost went broke chasing Enron.

      He is taking a big risk giving the uncertain future of the world eco.
      Lots can happen to make things at best no better.

      He already had to put up his own money to save FRO with the reform and his word was his credit but even him does not have have deep pockets that never run out. No dividend if he does this and this stock has been driven by dividend payments so risky at stock price too. Glad I got in very low and can sell and still make money unlike those on this board that are stuck. THis I do not think is good news for them. Even if the gamble pays off the cost of loans on those ships will restrict the divdiend and thus the stock price.

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