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  • fstmoney_2012 fstmoney_2012 Mar 23, 2012 11:10 AM Flag


    Just looked at your posting history and it shows last post with both id's in July 2011

    things that make you go Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


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    • "SInce the price of FRO is based 75% on politics, you should be happy with it. Now..remember."

      Lord how do they get so dumb?

      ABO 2012!

    • so What! when was your first?

      You come along and like the child you are impersonate half the board who do not do things your way. You are worse than any right or left winger on this board as we all choose to use the ignore button instead of the act like a kid who wants his way at all cost which is how you act.

      Spammers come on the board and try to sell you research junk and the likes of you who has not posted one opinon or any facts but just rant and rave about their not being any such things on the board. You have never gave out the number of shares you bought or your plan as most of us have.

      I posted back in dec. I was buying FRO when it was down to mid 3's and I did I posted I would sell at 5 then changed it to 6 and ended up getting sold out on a stop loss/limit at 7.40. What have you posted? Nothing.

      I appealed to the LT suffers like Ambro to join me at buying at 3's saying it was a gamble but a good one with a total loss of only 3 bucks possible when he and others have lost a lot more on this stock. I had lost 12,000 on a 500 share position I had bought at above 50 levels and sold in low 20's so I jumped in and took a 30-1 leveeraged gamble do you even know what that is? If so enlighted us?

      You have brought nothing but childess behavior to this board and somehow think you had acheived something? You have not.

      If you really want to be part of this board start doing what others have done. Get some skin in the game or say when you intend too or why you don't advise buying you have never done that in a post.

      My old post have more value than any of your repeating of old news we all can read. Rails offers tanker rates what have you gave? Nothing.

      You seem to actually be so stupid as to think that politics do not effect the price of a share of stock. Politics is based on money and power what do you think drives the stock market? Your say nothing post?

      Do you know what the eco purposed by Romney offers differs from that of Obama and how it will effect the market? Do you understand the difference between an eco being one growing or one being starved? Do you understand that politicans decision effects the Eco system of the USA?

      Your a child who has no voice but crying. Spoil rotten kid than needs a spanking and time out. The funny thing is you are proud of you ill manners and bad behavior.

      Finally if you think I care about what you think about me more than the 60,000 bucks I made on my decision to buy and sell FRO in 3 months your a total nut job. So while you were making up names to act stupid with I was making money and had tried to get others on this board to join me in that money making gamble. It was a gamble just as I had said but a good one and it paid off big for me. How much did you make off of FRO in the last 3 months child?

      Semper and me may disagree about a lot of things but we both agree that making money on buying and selling stock is why we are in the market.
      Having a sane discussion of world events such as Iran as Rails does as do most of us and US debt and stem all effect the movement of the market and FRO. You continue to make up minds if that is your goal in the stock market but mine will remain to make money.

      True to that I am Neutral at this moment on FRO. It is not a good gamble anymore and may be a growth stock or it could just linger in a trading range of 6-10 for the next 5 years. World events will determind that.
      Politics will play a big factor in that. Fighting over both may seem like a waste of time to you but the truth is even fights are for reason right or wrong and you don't even have a position to fight over.

      BTW I have lost track of all the names as I don't read this board as I used too since I sold so if fastmoney_20 is not the idoit but someone else what I said applies to the idiot. lol

    • It's because we are the same poster

      the real rog_grumpy

      GOFRO 2012

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