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  • barbershores barbershores Mar 26, 2013 11:30 AM Flag

    OT BS. Yep, even the medical community is now admitting they have been overzealous

    4 Medical Tests Your Doctor Might Be Overprescribing

    Bone Density
    PAP smears

    Nothing like a good dose of statistics to humble our doctors.

    Best of luck, and stay healthy,


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    • Going to the doc for the flu is dumb and having to have insurance to be able to afford to set a broken arm or fill a cavity is outrageous. The fact that if you do not have an insurance company negotiating cost for you means you pay 3 times more is robbery.
      That does not mean people that are at risk or meet certain proven risk factors should not have these test if they can. They are proven to save lives.

    • 32% increase in cost for health care,

      Study: Health overhaul to raise claims cost 32 pct

      Any smart person knows the government is pushing health care when it is not necessary.
      Obama says health care cost has spiked. Don't believe him, one more lie.

    • Mr. Shores the key word in the article you posted to reference is "MIGHT BE". It Might be safe to drive and drink above the legal level that a state sets with some people but for those who can't the might be could cost them their lives and who ever they crashed into.

      If you do not have anything that these test are looking for then of course the test was unnecessary and a waste of money. But any women who does not have a pap smear and then gets cancer and dies "MIGHT should of gotten a pap smear". You continue to post from the side of a person who does not have whatever the test is for. But for those who have cancer early detection as a result of a test that is not as accurate as once hoped can still save lives. Ask any women who breast cancer was Found by a mammogram and she is alive today ask her if she is glad she had the test done? An old preacher of mine wife had a mammogram test done and a spot was seen then a bio was done and it was cancer. She had surgery and chimo and is alive today some 25 years later due to the test you seem to think is worthless. They are thousand of folks who have been saved and I am one of them. I hope you never go in for a routine physcial and a lump is found on your prostrate because by then it is in most cases way to late. Same for someone who does not have a colon test done and later dies of colon cancer which is highly curable if caught in time.
      You really love money too much if your putting your life, your wife life and children life and well being at risk over spending money on a test that "Might Be" not needed. It "Could well be needed"

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      • Hi Mr. Rogere,

        From your post: " She had surgery and chimo and is alive today some 25 years later due to the test you seem to think is worthless."
        Here's the rub. How do you know that she would have died if she did not have the surgery?
        Answer: you don't. You are taking it on faith. The logic, flawed as it is, goes like this. A lump is noted. A screen is performed. A biopsy. Surgery is conducted to remove the breast. Chemo and radiation therapies are given. If the patient dies, well, she would have died anyway because they didn't catch it early enough. If she lives a long time afterwards, then the procedure saved her life. because her doctor told her that he had cured her.

        When modern statistics are applied to the aggregate, however, the results are quite different than that expected using the logic of current medical conventional wisdom. What is found, in study after study after study, is that if the patient survived a long time afterwards, they would have probably survived just fine without the surgery. If the patient dies soon afterwards, then the treatment didn't work. The problem is, that under pretty near all circumstances, for this particular illness, the treatments simply do not work. About as effective as snake oil, sold by snake oil salesmen.

        I caught onto this a long time ago when I researched prostate cancer when my father was diagnosed with it.

        Now, every month, more people, even those in the medical community, and most certainly within the government, are catching on as well.

        to be continued

    • Please folks don't die because you listened to BS.I know people who are alive today because they get regular medical tests.BS and other crackpots shouldn't be listened to.
      Statistics can be twisted to suit any nuts views.A good example of this is Obama-care.Most want it repealed and most liket every aspect of the program.BS even lied about that,saying he couldn't get a high deductible policy in NH.

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      • Nope, as always I told the truth. My medical insurance company, that I had a high deductible plan with, told me that they had decided to leave the state because this type of plan was illegal starting January 2014 under Obamacare. Ours, and every other person covered by that insurance company in New Hampshire had their insurance cancelled.

        Just before the cancellation, my wife suffered a heart attack. So, could not get insurance directly from another insurance company. But, in NH, there is a state plan which anyone can get on if they are turned down by 2 insurance companies. But, the choices are much smaller. And it is a lot more expensive.

        So, we had our insurance cancelled, and our medical insurance costs rose drastically, as a direct result of Obamacare.

        That's just the way it is.

        Now then, starting January 1st of next year, as I understand it, my wife will be able to get health insurance directly from the health insurance companies in New Hampshire without getting on the state plan because the insurance companies will no longer be allowed to restrict patients with pre-existing conditions.

        The questions I have are:

        1. Will we be able to get a high deductible plan like we had before? Mr. Obama claimed we could keep the insurance plan we had. So far, this doesn't appear to be true.

        2. Will our medical insurance premiums drop or rise?

        3. Will the state plan even be offered anymore? Maybe it will no longer be necessary.

        Our insurance agent says that at this time, they have no clue of what will be available to us next year. We will have to wait until the insurance companies figure out what they can and can't do, and what it will cost. Apparently, the system is so complex, they can't figure out what they can or must offer, without getting into legal troubles.

        Needless to say, so far, I am not impressed.

        Best of luck, be skeptical, and stay healthy,


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