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  • lakeed98 lakeed98 Apr 2, 2013 11:08 AM Flag

    The good work FOX does

    FOX and right wing talk radio has done wonders for the Democratic party.The Dems have received the most votes in 5 of the last 6 national elections.We control the Senate and will soon take back the House.

    The GOP and right wing news has sent a message of hate to the American people.They show zero respect for women,minorities and gays.They have sold their souls to the NRA,big oil and Grover Norquist.
    Keep up the good work FOX.

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    • Lake, I know you like to stir the pot, but if it wasn't for the oil business unemployment would be far worse. And, if you equate the economy to the power of the Democrats in our society it is a sickening result. So, are you so blind to all but the Democratic party that you'd still go around singing its praises?

    • Fox, Firewire,Drudge, are the only news sources that the Kenyan Imposter doesn't have in his back pocket. To see the supposedly unbiased reporters from MSNBC fawn over their Empty-Suited Emperor while claiming to provide both sides of the story is pathetic. The loss of jobs, the waste of tax revenue ["ever'body in Clevelan', all minority got's dem Obammaphones"] and putting on a sad #$%$ while discussing the ever increaseing deficit and shuffling off to a bi-monthly vacation on the taxpayers dime is worthy of impeachment,if not charges of treason.
      The message of hate is thus: Obamma hates the grandchildren of Americans; he is forcing an unpayable debt on their backs to cater to the moochers and sychophants today.

      The horror of the democrat actions.

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      • I pasted this little snippet from an oped from NBC, which goes on to predict that by 2015 the dollar will collapse. I truly fear for the future of my grandchildren.

        "In 2012, interest on the national debt was more than $360 billion, and that was when interest rates were at record lows!
        The "wise men" knew that an increase in rates would devastate the economy. For example, if interest rates went back to their 20-year average of 5.7 percent, interest costs alone on our national debt would amount to nearly $1 trillion a year." which is more than ALL tax revenues collected from personal incomes.

      • Ok there sunshine. Go ahead and compare the debt and vacation time for Obama and Bush the Younger.

        MSNBC doesn't hide their bias towards Obama. They don't call themselves "Fair & Balanced" either.

    • If it wasn't for FOX news I would have no idea all the bad things Obama is doing. FOX and Drudge is the only two news sources anyone should trust.

      The horror of the democrat mind.

    • Jeez Ed! What the heck brought that on? You couldn't just go find a hornets nest to kick?

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