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  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Apr 30, 2013 5:32 PM Flag

    Ron Paul got it right - Sorta

    Unlike righties on this list who take some sort of blood oath never to admit a Demo or liberal can do anything right I believe in credit where credit is due. Ron Paul got it right about the police and Gov. reaction to the "terror attack" in Boston.

    I watched what was going on and ASSUMED that the Police and Gov. had INTELL that would justify the reaction they were taking in Boston. The LOCK DOWN, The Militery, The house to house search.
    All done under what law? Was martial law declared? Did I miss that? How could I miss anything with ALL the News chanels hour after hour repeat of no news but repeat what they had over and over again.

    As the facts came to light there was only 2 individuals involved. For these two (one of whom was gunned down instead of being captured and interviewed for Intell). Fear locked down the city. Police going into homes without search warrants looking for the remaining Terrorist.

    I agree with Ron Paul. A not just Police State but a totally stupid response to an act of terrorism by 2 people.

    Better safe than sorry? If that is our answer as to why then we will be held by fear from now on.
    The bombs were easy to figure out how and what they were and I am sure that was known within 2-6 hrs of the event. Nothing scary in them. Not that high tech. No dirity bombs, just anti personal bombs.

    As tradgic as this event was the reaction to it was even more tragic. A little common sense would go a long way in how we react to such things. Israel, the UK and Northern Ireland all have been at terrorist wars far longer than the USA and they have found a way to fight it and go about their normel lives. We respond with a police State reaction of fear and ignorance.

    I do not see some conspiracy or Bad Gov. out to get you in this I see just plan dumb and dumber running the response to what was not as bad as many car crashes or the gun violance that we decided to live with.
    Get over the fear America John Wayne up some lol.

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    • There was never a "LOCK DOWN" and no businesses were forced to close.The police never entered a home they wern't invited in.I could go ona and on.
      Ron Paul is a liar.
      .Get your facts straight.

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      • I dunno about police entering homes, but I tend to agree with Rog on this one.

        Though the police were not solely responsible for the choice of battlefield, turning a residential street into an "OK corral" style shoot out caught my attention. Surely there must have been somewhere more appropriate to corner the guys... some means to "steer" them to a location where they could be confronted with less risk to residential neighborhood?

        And I don't know who fired how many of those 200+ rounds, but the fact that they couldn't drop both of the guys - and only got one after he was out of ammo - certainly raised an eyebrow here.

      • Lake ALL I heard on the NEWS for hours was LOCKDOWN & House to House searches. I saw with my OWN eyes Militery personal roaming the streets of Boston locked and loaded. Professional sports games were canceled. The whole city was held prisioneer by fear. The real enemy and strength of Terrorism is not the terrorist themselves or what they can do but the FEAR of them.

        During WWII if the French had responed to #$%$ occupation the way the US is to TERRORISM the Vishey would still be in power. Instead they formed resistent forces that accepted not only their deaths but the deaths of hundreds of civilians that the #$%$ murdered when a action of resistence dug into the under belly of the #$%$ war machine. There was no room for fear.

        There was no threat to public safety in Boston that would of justified the response to what was a simple act of terrorism by two nut jobs.

        The only Post siller than Yours is Didi Republican who wants to blame it all on Liberals. She is totally controlled of her FEAR of anyone who disagrees with her and sees everthing from the eye of Right wing or Liberal. That trick has worked well for the real terrorist of this country the Globalist who attackt AMerica daily and kill thousands of dreams and hopes without ever being seen as a threat. Fear blinds reality and this country needs a seeing eye dog.

    • Yes, the reaction was quite far beyond sanity. I thought a fly over by air force bombers would be next on the agenda. But, Boston, being far to the left of center, reacted as the left would be expected to react....over the top. Why? Well, if you don't over react, it means you don't care, and that you must be mean, and heaven are unfair..

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