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  • rogere1946 rogere1946 May 8, 2013 1:46 PM Flag

    Senate Rules need changing bad

    Senator Ron Paul who hopes to run for president in 2016 has all by himself been able to block any votes on treaties between the US and other countries which would prevent double taxing of foreign investments in countries covered by the treaties and would also all the tracking down and collection of tax evaders who use off shore banks to hide their assests.

    "Paul has said he is concerned the treaties would give foreign governments too much access to U.S. citizens' tax information. No new tax treaties or treaty updates have been approved since 2010, when Paul was elected. Paul recently declined to answer questions about the "hold" he has placed on the treaties. Under Senate rules, one senator can prevent a motion from reaching a vote on the Senate floor."

    The Senate rules need changing if one senator without a vote or any explaination can stop any bill from comming to the floor of the Senate. After All the hated "Liberals" might start to do this but so far only Ron Paul has been so stupid.

    Why should you be concerned? check your last income tax statement and if you took a foreign tax credit and paid your foreign taxes at a reduced rate that is because of a treaty the US and say Canada have. If you lose this deduction and the amount of witholding taxes goes up you can think your hero Ron Paul for that lol.

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    • According to the rules of the Senate, a hold is not binding. It is an informal way for a Senator to give notice that they object to a bill and *may* speak out against it or *possibly* attempt a filibuster if the bill is brought up for a vote. The President of the Senate (Harry Reid) is not obligated to consider the hold and if a filibuster is attempted, it only requires 41 votes to end it.

      Ron Paul has not been in Congress since January. Ron Paul was never a Senator. He was a Congressman. He has publically stated that he has no intentions of ever running for President again.

      Did you mean to refer to his son Rand Paul? I suspect this was the case. I have trouble with the two names myself and Ron Paul's former district neighbors mine so I have been hearing/reading his name for many years.

    • Ron Paul retired

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