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  • rogere1946 rogere1946 Jun 17, 2013 3:20 PM Flag

    Orgean and New Jersey got it right

    I just got back for a week in N. Cal and Or. Imagine my surprise when I pulled up to a gas station and was not allowed to pump my own gasoline. The state of Or and NJ have laws which require no self service at the pump. Which means JOBS to their citizens. The price of gas was still a lot cheaper than in Cal. I talked to each person who pumped gas for me and all were glad to have the job and said without the law they would have no job. Now I am sure it low paying but it does pay and they do work (and I mean work as in busy running from one pump to the next) they want to work and they have a job. They have to be trustworthy and smart enough to know how to count money and do the credit and debate card thing.

    One girl who pumped my gas for me in Bend Or. was happy as could be and was about to get off work and go to her other job at Sonic. Yes she was in HS or just out but she had a job and work ethics.

    The Good people of Or seem just happy with paying maybe a cent more a gallon to not have to get out of their car and have others have a job. Shame Obama didn't FORCE all states to do what Or. and NJ did. He could of with a threat to Hwy money but he failed again. Hey NJ is Cristie country never heard him say he was against this "Gov. FORCED Job creation" Thanks to the folks of Or and NJ for caring enough about their fellow citizens to create a job for them at a very small cost to all.

    Now all you Gov haters and cry babies over a penny more for gas respond with your rants and raves about handouts but I saw those folks at work and none of you today setting on your butt at your computer could do what they all were doing and none had a bad attitude. I filled up 6 times in Or. and found a happy and moving fast worker each time. Simple soluation that could of created over a 100,000 or more jobs across the country at a very small price.

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    • What is Orgean?

    • You can't get through even one post without brutalizing the English language, huh?
      Keep the cork in the bottle.

    • Full service gas costs the owner more than a penny a gallon to pay the employees payroll, more like 25 to 30 cents more a gallon. Yes, jobs will increase, forcing gas stations to have someone pump gas. How about let the free market decide, like the other 48 states have done?

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      • But you are arguing apples and oranges. You are whining about the other 48 states. The laws in NJ and OR are different. State gasoline taxes in those two states are much lower which allows for station owners to pay employees to pump everyones gas. You say free market? You pay at least 30 cents less per gallon in NJ than NY...and they pump it for you. Seems the free market is just fine. Idiot.

      • therealitycheck I guess it would depend on how much gas a station pumps. If they pay 10 bucks an hour to an employee (which I think would be high on national average) a small mom and pop would not need to hire anyone as they do it all now. But the larger "Truck stop" (one that I stopped was piolet and they had one guy and dealing with 9 cars and he had a head set and called for help and got it from inside) would have one or maybe two. They would pump well over 32,000 gals a day which would give the .01 cents I used but lets say it is .02 that would be only 16,000 a day to get that figure. You figure of a quarter is simply WRONG. However in the spirit of fairness I will raise my cost to .03 a gallon which is only 8,000 gallons a day I know that gas stations who would hire 2 employees would pump that much easy. Smaller ones would only need one person as only one station of the ones I went to had more than one person.

        You suggust the Free Market. Get real. How many FULL SERVICE stations do you even know about? These suck out all the profit they can get and unless you make them hire they will not.
        They make you stand in line behind folks buy lotto tickets, cokes, coffee, and anything else if you pay in cash. Lots of stations in Cal. have gone to cash and debit card to make more money.
        The free market is no where to be found when it comes to gas stations. If you think they are no money in selling gas then you do not understand the business. It is a volume business and they do want you to go inside to buy stuff but they make money off of gas too.

        When was the last time YOU had a FREE MARKET Choice at a gas station? The corp stations and 7/11 types give you NO choice at all. But that you defend as FREE MARKET. Nothing Free about it pal. They have a monopoly and by using two or at most three distribators in most area in effect have a price fixing market based on what the distribator charges them. No FREE Market now so at least admit that.

      • You don't suppose it has to do with the massive amount of people filling up their cars and driving off without paying ... silly rogere.

    • What's Orgean?
      Starting early, aren't you?

    • Orgean? What amount of cheap liquor makes your spelling and grammar so poor? Are you sure the law made the gas company pump your gas for you, or the attendant did not wish a stumbling wino spilling a flammable liquid around the station and filled the tank himself to avoid mayhem?

    • What's next Rog, are we going to legislate that homeowners may NOT mow their own lawns... that they must hire landscaping services? And house painters?

      We will legislate that parents MUST hire nannies to care for their kids?

      Maybe we should require that every household hire a maid and butler.

      And no one should be driving their own car.

      Just THINK of all the jobs we could create!!

      Sometimes, Rog, you come across as a completely brain dead ideologue.

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      • " come across as a completely brain dead ideologue.."

        'bout time you see this.
        It's the booze.
        Destroys brain cells.

      • Mr. Semp one thing I wish they would legislate is make it against the law for guys like you to put words into folks mouths. Just once try responding to the subject of the post good or bad but not you.
        No sir Mr. Semp always has to get smart mouth and go off down some road that HE thinks somehow fits the topic of discussion.

        Tell me Mr. Semp you can read can't you? Where in my post did I talk about cutting grass? You got that on your mind? Where did I mention nannies as a must that again seems to be how YOUR brain works not mine.

        You plum silly if you somehow think that my post of no self service which two states now has has anything to do with cutting grass or nannies. Are you really that stupid or sick in the brain that you somehow see a connection between Nannies and pumping gas??? Really are you?

        The cost to pump gas is maybe a penny a fillup is that going to break a rich guy like you?
        IT would add a lot of jobs for that penny is that a nanny in your brain? Last time I checked a nanny or lawn man cost a lot more money. Can you see a difference between a penny and 25 bucks?
        If not well you need to go to a shrink and get help.

        I am going to act like you and tell you to your face you are sick thinnking person if you see a nanny and a gas pumper as same. No matter what your opinion of me may be and I can tell it is low mine of yours is a lot lower because I never put words in your mouth and gladly fight you on your own words which are egoist and sick enough to enjoy a good fight.

        Now you can make you usual far from the topic egoist answer while putting words in my mouth I rarely get anything but that from you. It is a shame you only know how to fight that way as you seem to have the ability to do better but you clearly like the low road so drive on dude.

    • I have no idea how this relates to FRO, but as a life long resident of OR I agree with you. It really is nice to have people running the stations, they wash your car windows as well at the stations off the beaten path, and it gives many a job who need it. I even go to one station when I have by dog in the back seat, and they give my dog a free dog treat with a smile. Also, sometimes your going somewhere nice and you don't want to get gas on your hands. It is also nice for women if they are driving late at night in a bad part of down or something. Just common sense to have an attendant.

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      • Vanheus you expressed first hand the good points of what the other states for the sake of greed to service station little business or in fact Corp greed as most stations are owned by oil co. or chain Corps in the 7/11 type business. When given the chance to not furnish service to the old and others who would appreciate pulling up at night to a station and not having to risk life and limb to get some gas. But hey we are Americans by God you can't force us to be smart as it might cost us a penny or two.

        I was an armed cop in Hoston Tex for 4 years and the standing joke was the most dangerous part of the job was getting out of your car to pump gas. I had a gun and could shoot back but older folks and women and others risked their safety to get out of the car. Not saying it would end all safety issues to have maned pump stations but sure would help.

        Maybe one day the value of human life and safety and such small things as no gas on your hands or just putting the window enough to pass money or credit card through will make sense to a brain dead America but not in Texas that is for sure. But hey why should I be concerned about anyone's safety but mind or seeing an elderly person helped out that would somehow threaten my man hood and Freedom loving American thinking I guess. Glad you folks in Or. show at least some American's can think just a little still.

        Common sense in America is a lost art.

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