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  • lakeed98 lakeed98 Aug 21, 2014 9:58 AM Flag

    Germany gets 50% of electric power from Solar

    Do you think that percentage will get higher or lower?
    Some People can't stand and fight change.They are doomed to the dung heap of history.

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    • Please provide your information source that says "Germany gets 50% of electric power from Solar".

      Per "Solar power in Germany" in wikipedia, Germany only gets 7% of electric power from Solar. Total combined electric power in Germany from all renewable sources, including wind and solar, is less than 35%.

      I (like you) anticipate the increased development of renewable energy sources/technology and lesser reliance on carbon based energy in the years to come. That's the kind of change I can embrace and will not fight, and I count on the free market and innovation to provide such change.

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      • As far North as Germany is, solar panels are not very efficient more than half the year. During the winter time when they need the electricity the most, solar panels are almost useless. Thats why they are building a lot of wind farms along the Baltic Coast spoiling the view and #$%$ off the locals.

        In regards to solar power and solar towers, PETA and tree huggers are alarmed a the rate their killing birds. Animals not quite adapted to technology, do not understand when they fly into that bright area, they get instantly fried. Also they are #$%$ off a all the birds the windmills are killing.

        But yet none of them live with just candles and coal oil lamps and things that avoid the use of electricity.

        I bet they take hot showers and baths every day too!

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