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  • axaxax43 axaxax43 Jul 7, 2013 9:17 PM Flag

    What happened to this listing???

    Down trending all week

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    • it is trading in bad cycle and it is a dud. All we can say. No anxious buyers. Want to get out but am trapped now that the Dutch Tender offer is over and sellers have only one way out.

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      • You are not trapped. If you think this is a dud and other stocks are better, sell, get the benefit of a capital loss on your taxes and put your money into a better idea. "Holding on until I get even" is a mug's game and the sign of an inexperienced investor. A stock does not remember what you bought it at. While you are holding on "waiting until I get even," some other stock is going up twice as fast.

      • In my case, I would like to get out at a minimum loss. I was sold this REIT before it went public after being told by the broker is was a conservative investment and belonged in a conservative portfolio. I was mislead after researching the risk level which he said was low .

        . Could be alot of others have found out the same thing happened to them also. and do not want this high of a risk investment in their portfolio?

      • Nothing goes down forever unless it's going bankrupt or there is a constant stream of bad news. The way it has traded, it seems like there is/was a motivated seller who sells when "he" sees a chance. Today even though it went down compared to other REITs the trading pattern was a little more normal: the range were smaller and the reversal were not as drastic.

        Do those who are selling have an objective reason, as in some sort of inside knowledge? I have no idea, but it hasn't been THAT long since the listing, although it's starting to seem that way.

    • You don't seriously expect and exact explanation. The rise in the interest rates was a big part of it, plus people like to follow trends and the timing of the listing was unfortunate in that it was almost immediately followed by the uptrend and volatility in the rates. Today is the first day where the trading pattern looks "normal". I didn't like this "sell out of the gate and keep selling and then start taking it higher" pattern. The day range has also been "too high" compared to open-to-close. Let's see if it normalizes.