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  • chromestocks chromestocks Jun 8, 2007 5:21 PM Flag

    DID YOU actually expect it....


    to go up....cause 3 handjobs in nice suits are comin to town...."human resources" ??? what,s that like reverse outsourcing.. So let,s see PACT+LG+Macau= Vermont, the Green lil New Delhi.

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    • Were you actually recommending this crap?...
      Some really impressive financial figures there

      I can't see why you are still around after having your ass handed to you last ER? Well stick around... we've got some more for you soon.

      Hey VG, what is significance of July 10?

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      • July 10, no significance.

        On Feb 9, we were trading at 7.10 and I said we would not see 7.20 for 5 months (July 10) at least. I've been right so far. It went to 7.17. PACT was on its way UP UP UP at the time according to all others on this board.

        Now I'm NOT negative. I said buy at 4.11 (then changed it to 4.01). I called the bottom pretty darn close.

        The 5 months time frame is up on July 10. We may not top 7.10 on that day, but we will be set free to move back up by then. Also by then the 52 wk high will be down to 7.60.

        And that is when this ship can begin to right itself.

        Maybe I'm right again, maybe not. We'll see soon enough. But I'm not going to be on the sidelines on July 10, 2007.