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  • stockstudent99 stockstudent99 Jun 22, 2014 9:09 AM Flag

    Beware of Comments on this Board ...

    For example, Soccerdad6264. Look at his posts and he is nothing but a cheerleader. He has posted so many incorrect comments (his opinion only) that he should be considered a PUMPER.
    Check him out on the Sonus (SONS) board too. He has been posting for years and has yet to have any of his calls come true.

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    • Seems like unemployment has kept you a bit busy with this board. :LOL

    • student ...Please go study on another message board ...Take A hike !

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    • While I agree with your overall premise stockstudent99, you're track record is none to good itself. I can't be bothered to go research soccerdad as I do all of my own due diligence, however I would like to draw the boards attention to your post on the AAPL board 3 months ago in mid april. You were busy throwing water on AAPL management, the split and their overall business plan. Since that time shares of AAPL have appreciated around 20% for a compounded annualized rate of over 100%. No offense intended here, Im just calling a spade a spade. BTW, my sources in the business and network app sales arena have hinted that we may be seeing a big surprise to the AUDC guidance with this quarters numbers. Things are going exceedingly well.

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      • True, my call on AAPL wasn't great and I also pointed out that they are no longer inventing anything new. Just tweaking and spinning old ideas and in the long run I think we see the dust settle. But investors will have to figure that out for themselves. Look at all their competition in the phone space.
        When a pumper like Soccerdad6264 states this stock is a triple, without any real reasoning behind it, then yes I will call them out because they are pure PUMPERS. Give me some facts to back up your claims and then I am listening. This is called "Due Diligence".

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