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  • sam_crazycooter_walton sam_crazycooter_walton Nov 11, 2004 7:58 AM Flag

    Just a great piece on Wmt last night

    2 corporate execs split a $49/night one can say wmt doesnt practice what it preaches at all levels.

    Over n Out

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    • You believe that bull shit!!! the corp execs
      use the GufStream jet to fly 1 person to China many times, they also use jets to fly to work each morning in cases. Tom Grimm the president of Sam's flew from salt Lake daily to Bentonville. They use the corp jets to go hunting and make one store so they can call it businesses.
      The stores cut payroll so the execs can fly around in Lears and Gulf Stream jets at 5k a hour.

      And as for the rooms, the company does not require execs to room with anyone. So do not believe the BS you saw on tv. the meeting you saw on tv last night, each exec had his own room, by the way themeetings are paid for by the vendors at Sams and Walmart, if you dont fork over 25k for a both you product is dropped from the company, corporate balck mail in most cases. One meeting cost 8 million to put on.

      The company will cut hours in a store if payroll is out of line 3000.00 in a week and cut full time hours of employees to hit a number, while the office expense charge to the stores account is .45% of sales at Sam's and .75% sales of Walmart, checkout what they get to blow in the office accounts earch year with sales of 300 billion.
      Then tell me how thrifty they are in the office.

      Walmart is cheap when is comes to benifits for persons that worked there 20 years, they get nothing! (and can't even stay in the group insurance program),

      that is how they save money, on the workers back.

      A fine example of what Ameciains can expect, since all companies what to be like Wal-mart,

    • """2 corporate execs split a $49/night one can say wmt doesnt practice what it preaches at all levels.Over n Out """

      hmmm. You mean except that the execs who share rooms on the road make many multi millions per year, while the store employees have to share rooms in their own homes because they receive low wages and low benefits.

      other than that, it's a great lesson

      just a thought

    • After watching that show last night I re-read this. What do you think?


      Maintaining or Creating a Monopoly

      While it is not illegal to have a monopoly position in a market, the antitrust laws make it unlawful to maintain or attempt to create a monopoly through tactics that either unreasonably exclude firms from the market or significantly impair their ability to compete. A single firm may commit a violation through its unilateral actions, or a violation may result if a group of firms work together to monopolize a market.

      A common complaint is that some companies try to monopolize a market through "predatory" or below-cost pricing. This can drive out smaller firms that cannot compete at those prices. But the lower prices a large retailer offers may simply reflect efficiencies from spreading overhead costs over a larger volume of sales. Because the antitrust laws encourage competition that leads to low prices, courts and antitrust authorities challenge predatory activities only when they will lead to higher prices.

      While the FTC has not found predatory pricing violations in recent years, it examines potential violations very carefully and maintains a close watch for other kinds of tactics -- like raising competitors� costs -- that may disadvantage rivals.

      Special situations
      The solicitation of price fixing -- also called an "invitation to collude" -- indicates an inclination to engage in illegal behavior, but usually is not unlawful under the Sherman Act. Section 5 of the FTC Act provides more flexibility to challenge this kind of undesirable behavior.

    • Very true---and the ceo drives a volkswagon.

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