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  • winbills winbills May 23, 2005 7:47 PM Flag

    2500+apply for 200 new WMT jobs in IL

    You will see more and more of this as the "boomers start exiting the work force. The number of people who are of the working age in the US are going to start declining very soon, placing upward pressure on wages. Moving operations overseas will counteract this."

    so i see, people right now between the ages 45-60 should just sit there and let their jobs go to china just to avoid some phantom (you would have to be pretty gullable to believe this story) labor shortage

    the man who is 50, worked at chevy his whole life, making a good living, set for retirement, should give his job to a chinamen or a immigrant for this backwards reasoning and go work for povertymart

    i will tell you what, lets end free trade and if a labor shortage hits we will deal with it then

    and then to make it worse greenspan and bush total screwed folks relying on interest payments to live by lowering the interest rate to nothing in hopes of spurring on a dead economy, at a time when the economy needs jobs, bush offers money, when the country need moral, bush offers corruption

    unskilled wages have already to declined to poverty levels

    so, all americans should go to college so we can manange plants from abroad, we will be the mgmt, the folks in china will be labor, it aint gonna work that way, we are all gonna be standing here holding our peckers while the smart people in india and china run the plants in their countries and they will cut us out

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