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  • tylernosekem tylernosekem Apr 27, 2006 1:35 PM Flag

    Hey Todd...


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    "No, capitalism is paying for my caribbean trip. If you save a lot and invest well you can treat yourself to some fun."


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    "It's a free trip."

    Todd, my boy, one of the above posts is a lie.

    It doesn't matter which one. The fact is that you lied, you got caught lying and you have proven yourself to be a liar.

    What else do you lie about?


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    • Define a greedy employer ?

      Are you talking about CEO's who earn 100 times more than entry level employees ? Then you and I agree. What about a lawyer who makes $250,000 per year and only pays para-legals $50,000. Is that immoral ?

      I WISH executives had higher morality in regard to their pay. I am unwilling to legislate that morality. I am unwilling to force my will on them via excess or unfair taxes.

      You defend yourself because you volunteer in a children's hospital. What about the executive who volunteers ? Does that mean they are socially responsible ?

      Again, it is quite easy to talk about taking money from others, and it is another thing entirely to actually live according to how you talk.

      And while I appreciate your efforts, in what capacity do you work as a volunteer ? Do you give comfort, or do you help with rehab or do you do it to provide yourself with good will and a some benevolent exposure to aid your business ? What is your motive and your motivation ?

      I know many an executive who performs so called voluntary work for purely selfish reasons.

    • Wrong Tyleroosky.

      Capitalism rewards success. That's why Walmart is so impressive. It's a great example of American ingenuity and capitalism at its best.

      I got rewarded for success through my business. I performed well and I got rewarded for my endeavors. The higher market share and units we make for our company the more we get in return. It can be in the form of a bonus check or an incentive trip. I got an incentive trip.

      It's the way free markets should be.


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      • No Todd, that is not the modern american way. That is the american way of our founding fathers who operated for over 150 years with no federal income taxes.

        The modern american way is to communalize society and share. We don't even want to keep score in children's soccer games. that way there are no winners or whiners. And since all your monetary needs are met via social programs and wealth redistribution, you do not have to over exert yourself and risk any sort of personal stress or strife. Just take another hit on the crack pipe and collect that gumnt check every month. It will be alright.

        It is just a damn shame that so many people are ignorant of fundamentals of business and economics that they espouse this liberal garbage on a regular basis. And they are ignorant of what drives the human phenomena for 90% of the population. 90% of the people are hunter / gatherer by nature. They want to find something that is meaningful in their lives. They want to earn their goods and earn their own comforts. 90% of the people want to provide for themselves with pride and 90% will do whatever they can to help a friend or neighbor in need.

        Humanity and society have evolved forward as progressive, ambitious, self motivated people pushed forward and made the effort to better themselves. Look around the world and look at the societies which have not embraced rewarding self initiative and look at their general condition for education, women's rights, agriculture, poverty, etc. HOPE for a better life is a powerful motivator.

        Off on a slight tangent, that is why I admire the heck out of the illegals that risk it all to come to USA and earn a living and improve their lives. At least they are doing SOMETHING to change their condition. God Bless every one of them !

        I wish I understood the source of the mentality which says anyone has a right to take what you earned and give it to others against your will.

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