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  • mdki_longtimer mdki_longtimer May 3, 2006 10:46 AM Flag

    Face Facts Fellow Americans

    Face facts fellow Americans, there ain't enough gasoline to go around. The great expansion of China and India (thanks to outsourcing and downsizing) is consuming about the same amount of oil as we do. You see to make a hammer or a shirt for your back requires energy whether it's made here or in China. Everything that moves or lives requires energy and there's just so much to go around. Tell ya what I'm going to do, I'm going to conserve, get a small energy efficient car like a diesel Volkswagen. And plan my trips so I don't have to drive unnecessarily and try to do my part. In the 1970's, (a lot of you youngsters may not remember) there was an energy crunch which the nation overcome through conservation and pulling together. Ride groups, highway speeds of 55 mph and more energy efficient cars pulled us through (remember the compact car)? Then there was dialing down the thermostat and extra blankets (do you remember)?

    There needs to be a crash program to develop nuclear power and clean coal technology!

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    • Does it really matter who dominates as long as there is enough to go around for everyone ?

      It is lucky for you & a lot more of these posters on this board & Lee Scott because I would load you up & ship you over to china & let you work & live under the conditions that those people work under.That would answer your question at the top of this post real quick if you have any coprehension,Websters defintion (the act or action of grasping with the intellect.

    • Please identify the lie or the spin. Please speak with facts rather than inuendo. You wasted millions of electrons on your last posting with no material information provided.

      Is this the best effort of the UCFW ? If this is as clearly as you can assemble a thought, how can I trust you to represent me as a member ? I might as well go to the mental health clinic and ask a patient to represent me as rely on UCFW as my voice of reason.

      As a side is good to see the UCFW KLAN is sticking together. United you stand. United you fall. Look around, is that really the calibre of people who you want to associate with on a daily basis ?

    • Lutzo, since lies and exagerations didn't work, now the ABSute UCFW KLAN resorts to slander and disparaging commentary all the while avoiding the TRUTH.

      Sound like a drunken fool you say ?

      How did you hear my words, are there little voices in your head speaking to you ? That is a clear sign of the DT's by the way.

      Are my words slurred or mistyped ? Rarely, despite an occasionaly sticky key here and there on the keyboard.

      Is my use of grammar and syntax incorrect ? How would the ignorant fools of the UCFW KLAN know anyway ?

      When lies cannot overcome truth, what is the next tactic for the KLAN of UCFW to follow ? Why slander and personal attacks of course. That is the good old Union way. Something they routinely practice in the strike lines.

      The ABSute UCFW KLAN was caught posting false and misleading information. The ABSute UCFW KLAN has shown a lack of comprehension of history, the facts, social forces, and economic forces locally and through out the world. The ABSute UCFW KLAN are living in a time warp state of mind.

      The UCFW KLAN cannot provide supporting facts for their postings. The ABSute UCFW KLAN cannot explain why the glorious UNION is dying a slow death ? They cannot explain why people are RUNNING away from Union representation. They cannot explain why Union dominated industries are in decline.

      Can you hear the sucking sounds as the ABSute UCFW KLAN gasps for survival ?

      If the ABSute UCFW KLAN was a paid public relations event/attack, you have failed miserably. You owe some one a refund !

      And lastly, the ABSute UCFW KLAN lies are again fully exposed to the sound minds and the wise investors who follow WMT on this board. Whether they buy or sell, they know the ABSute UCFW information are lies and exagerations.

    • A221 , Welcome to ABSute's KLAN.

      Do you have any idea what economic equilibrium is ?

      Why do you have to dominate ? Do you have some sort of inferiority complex that calls for you to have the upper hand. Same question I asked some one else, were you the kind of child who whined and cried if some one else's peice of birthday cake was bigge than yours ?

      Without equilibrium, some one is dominant. Who is to say which culture has or deserves the advantage and for how long.

      Ego and emotion are insufficient to slow economic forces.

    • you claim you sooooooooo rich, I though education and intelligence came with wealth, you should proof read your posts, your as bad as a poster that use to post here earlier in his life,,,,,,,,so you back,,,

    • Lutzo -- staying short WMT at this point will just prove you were lucky rather than smart when you shorted at $65. If you did. More likely you shorted recently.

      A company like WMT doesn't go down forever. The writing is on the wall. Time to cover and move on (or go long). The market priced in thin margins long ago. Margins, revs, earnings and stock price are up from here.

      I don't mind debating intelligent shorts -- how can you stand these idiots with a misguided social conscience?

    • Anyone with half a brain can figure out that
      a) The Chinese would hurt themselves worse than us if they did this, and
      b) The Chinese aren't that stupid

      Tell me your kidding with such a stupid post as this.

    • The growth of the trade deficit with China, which reached $202 billion in 2005, was responsible for the entire increase in the United States� non-oil trade deficit.

      Fund (see World Economic Outlook: Building Institutions, 2005, pp. 75-6), of an �abrupt and disorderly adjustment� could grow, leading to a �sharp contraction in economic activity,� otherwise known as a deep recession that would reduce the trade deficit by sharply reducing consumption (and employment) in the United States.

      Just how long can this country absorb a deficit growing at this rate,without the deep recession taking place & creating financial havoc in this country? Warren Buffet was supposed to have made the statement this can not continue with out paying a high price down the road.

    • Look at what happened with Donald Trump. He had to reorganzie and as part of the deal his creditors made him live on as little as $400,000 dollars a month.

      Ha Ha Do you think we would be so lucky with the chinks if that happens to this country?

    • thanks greedy or QUEERforfun

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