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  • bill_clinton_l8 bill_clinton_l8 May 8, 2006 10:31 AM Flag



    I think you better change meds son your going off the deep end. Your shit is getting so lame the fly's won't even land on it. Yeah don't support your local merchants, go to Walmart so Lee Scott can pull down 17 mill a year. And you can support the Country Club in Bentonville. Support Walmarts world dominance, low wages, employees on public assistance, exploitation of it's employees. The war room is going off the deepend. U boys R getting desperate.

    I bet that country club in bentonville is pretty plush eh lies ?

    This topic is deleted.
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    • hey johnny ignoramous....the post 387824 reads....COSTCO is run like a private.....

      I admit my intent was that COSTCO is more private than public. I was wrong. As I said, my recollection of an article was the founder and CEO was the largest controlling shareholder etc etc. which he is not, but he still has put his mark on the company according to his personal values.

      Similar to very privately held Chik-Fil-A who is closed on Sundays was the other reference.

      I admit my error on ownership. I stand by my statement that the CEO / Founder runs it like a private company with his personal stamp on the values of the company.

      No argument here. COSTCO has different values than WMT. That is their choice to make.

    • I admitted my error on who owns COSTCO. Or did you fail to comprehend that simple message to/two/too/also.

      When will bashers admit to their erroneous conclusions on anything of substance ?

    • It is the bashers who are afraid of China.
      And the wmt supporters would crawl in bed with a rattle snake for a few pennies in their pocket.

    • Fine I'll do that try post #387824

      It's a certainly that "courage and truth" doesn't have an elemental grasp of this subject and his post should be disregarded until he can get up to speed. May in 3-4 years considering his obvious lack of ability.

    • Considering you thought that Costco was a privately held company your ability to comprehend the complexity of this issue is indeed suspect and doubtful.

    • Billy C has a great understanding of human nature, he/she states....There shouldn't be laws to make people do what is right.

      Now that Billy C is driving the bus, all laws are repealed. Total anarchy for one and all.

      We do not need laws because every human is born with the intrinsic understanding of what is right in the eyes of the full community. There is 100% agreement amongst all citizens about what is right as well.

      All courts are dissolved, and the lawyers are now looking for work.

      Even god called and asked for us to return the 10 commandments, he was sure Billy C. could manage from here while he drives the bus.

      Billy C, it is this type of illogical thinking which makes me wonder how much you really understand or comprehend about the complexity of these subjects.

    • Sorry, Tyler. I should have phrased that post a little more carefully. That remark wasn't aimed at you, but at the WMT apologists. I agree with you completely.

    • Unfortunatly it's not true, to bad for you I'm afraid.

    • Lee Scott is a great American. More importantly, you are not. You thrive on rumor, not on fact. Your dinner tonight depends on fact, not rumor. In fact, your wife's make-up this night depends on Wal-Mart. As does your Saturday night so-self-serving-good feeling. Y'all feelin' good about yerself now?

      Get some life, please. Most of us have more than you. You will eternally wish that you could be like us.

      But face it, you can't.

    • A very nice post.


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