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  • snerdly76 snerdly76 May 9, 2006 9:20 AM Flag

    Repost of True Apologist Confession

    of the actual quality of those "great" jobs that Wal-Mart offers:

    >>> Feel Lucky and I work for WMT
    by: courage_and_truth (46/GA) 05/04/06 11:11 pm
    Msg: 386841 of 386878

    Who are all these idiots who act like I have a problem when my primary needs are more than met ?

    I earn $6 at WMT. I pay no state or federal income taxes.

    My food is provided for via government programs.

    My shelter is provided for in Section 8 vouchers

    My medical is provided by government as well.

    How am I a victim ?

    How am I downtrodden ?

    I feel pretty damn lucky !!!<<<

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    • Give them credit for working.

      Give them credit for earning the award.

      At least they have something to be proud of.

      Why do you want to diminish their accomplishment and their effort to change their life ?

    • Bull shit and lies!
      Ha Ha you would not no the difference between the two.

    • I heard the the employee of the month gets a free roundtrip ride to the local soup kitchen and all the day old bread they can carry.

      Probably more truth than poetry in that to.

    • >>>but sometimes you have to use expose absurdity<<<

      Damn! I'm going to have to start checking my posts before I hit "send". My posts today are about as laden with errors as some of biggiepop's posts. I wish I was perfect like Shep!

    • I don't yet have an e-mail address that I wish to give out. I'll create one and let you and Chicky know. I've got an event coming up pretty soon to tell you about.

    • >>>>If you want me to read your post don't start with a question as stupid as "You don't think his real name is Courage and Truth?"<<<

      I'm sorry that my sarcasm was over your head, but sometimes you have to use expose absurdity by being absurd.

    • Oooops!

      I mean, how's stuff?

    • Where ya been? How's suff?

    • >>>>I did not bother to read the rest of your post as the first 4 lines, I assume, were an example of the same moronic pattern as the rest of the post<<<

      That was fairly obvious by your response, and that's what happens when you assume.

      BTW: Who is Scooter? ;-)

    • >>>I fully admit WMT uses public taxes for their benefit. I also believe the employees benefit from this arrangement and they enter the agreement freely.<<<

      We agree on both points. However, we apparently disagree on whether this is desirable or appropriate for reasons I have already stated in my previous post.

      >>>am unhappy about how taxes are utilized for too many social engineering projects and I am not happy about how inefficiently we use taxes<<<

      Me, too. I loathe the fact that mega-corporations such as Wal-Mart are allowed to rape the taxpayers by using them to subsidize their labor costs and pad their payroll.

      >>>Mostly, I am unhappy when I read lies and fabrications and exagerations. Anything but the truth INTERFERES with good decision making. How can it be a good decision if it based on lies and half truths<<<

      Damn! We almost agree more than we disagree!

      >>>change the law. The problem is the law.<<<

      With all of the labor related lawsuits Wal-Mart has lost, it is reasonably obvious that Wal-Mart believes themselves to be above the law. Besides, each and every time states propose new laws to end some of Wal-Mart's irresponsible business practices, the apologists all have a seizure.

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