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  • courage_and_truth courage_and_truth May 13, 2006 10:53 PM Flag

    walmart: where the poor people go!!!!!!

    Doree, the situation you describe is up to your local zoning commission to help resolve. If your zoning commission has a clear track record of establishing residential, commercial, or mixed use areas consistently, then great. It is when they flip flop back and forth between approve, decline, high density , low density, with no apparent plan that they open themselves up for attack from residents and from developers.

    There is no single right or wrong answer. It is up to the community to decide. If the community wants WMT, open your arms and embrace, if you don't want them, take a stand and work with zoning to keep them out.

    I have something of an issue with "big box" clauses which prohibit anything over 90,000. A shopping center is a shopping center. A box is a box. That seems arbitrary rather than genuinely practical or even beneficial. Why should one store be limited to 90,000 of the overall shopping area will encompass 300,000sq ft.

    Just as you have the right to enjoy a country life, WMT has a right to pursue their business interest. That is just how it is. The land owners also have a right to sell to developers who can bring maximum value. That is just how it is.

    It is up to the zoning people to act as impartial decision makers regarding what is best for the community. There are always choices to be made. What makes this the best location for the community ?

    In our area, several years ago, a citizens group was opposed to a high school being built in a rural area. Claimed it would severely alter the residential character of the area. They actually won.

    It looks like WMT is now the "not in my backyard" development of this century.

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