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  • a221b10 a221b10 May 17, 2006 8:47 PM Flag

    pumpers read this

    During the last decade, dependence on the food stamp program nationwide increased by 8 percent, while in counties with Wal-Mart stores the increase was almost twice as large at 15.3 percent, according to the study. Although Wal-Mart employs many people living in its communities, for most, the hours worked and the wages paid do not help these families transition out of poverty, the study said.

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    • A very refreshing thing to see here. I guess I was not aware of exactly what you meant by basher. I thought pumper vs. basher was those buying against those selling Walmart shares - or hating the company and what it does vs. loving it -- which I assume mostly managers [like you] do

      When you said duh was an appropriate name for me I thought you thought I was dumb - stupid

      thanks for YOUR encouraging reponse

    • Read 390885 to better understand why promotions for WtW participants are not easily accomplished.

    • u should use all the keys it takes 2 write a complete word, or else give mommies computer back 2 her

    • You and I agree. A large number of employees receiving public assistance were eligible long before they looked at WMT as an employer.

      I am just glad Dave in Tacoma brought closure to the question and confirmed WMT should support WtW programs.

      Now the next question is how effective is WMT at achieving the goals of WtW programs. Are they the employer of choice, or are they a convenient yet ineffective employer ?

      In my previous dealings with the state here were some general limitations of WtW employees.

      Lack personal transportation, rely on public transportation, so shift availability is limited by transit hours of service.

      Often single parents, can only work limited hours per day or times of day due to child care availability and school hours.

      Lack solid literacy skills. A lot of person to person one on one training, no reliance on written training materials, no training presentations heavy with reading material.

      All the above lend to entry level part time positions. Advancement depends on job skill and life skill development.

    • and still on welfare because they can't make enough to get off

    • claim I said...He refuses to acknowledge that the adversarial Management/Labor relationship was (and is) a result of the management mentality that workers have no rights. Employees are merely a commodity and are expendable.

      Far from it, unions had their place in history overcoming extremely poor working conditions. I believe employees have the right to organize. I also believe in the modern corporation that is well run, unions do not add value. If management is doing their job, unions are not needed. Unfortunately, some posters want to guarantee things will be better with a union. That is simply not the case.

      The overall track record of unions in the last 30 years is not so obviously beneficial. There was a specific dialogue with basher Brian who claims the employee/employer relationship should be competitive. I think Dave answered it well enough. There needs to be cooperation. There are instances where cooperation and collaboration work quite well to both union and management benefit. The key words are cooperation and collaboration which Brian implies are not appropriate for the relationship.

      My only interests are in shedding light on the lies and exagerations posted by others.

      I have said it many times...bad information leads to bad decision making. Lies and exagerations rarely lead to good decisions.

    • I genuinely appreciate Dave in Tacoma's responses. While he and I don't agree on everything, at least he answered with relevant responses, quite untypical of the basher group for the past several days or weeks.

      If WMT is going to participate in Welfare to Work, doesn't is seem logical they will have relatively high number of Public Assistance employees on their payroll. Many bashers seem to think it is evil that WMT has employees receiving any form of public assistance.

      The real question many of those WtW employees are able to move up the ranks of WMT or how many move on to other companies and eventually leave the Public Assistance rosters. That might take years to evaluate effectively.

      I also agree we need to do something about the lower income ranges I just don't think forcing WMT and WMT alone into a forced pay or benefits scenario is the ultimate answer. Another poster did a good job showing the big picture effects of raising minimum wage as inflationary. It is a very complex economic issue.

      You and I agree that mismanagement effects unions the same as company leadership. Neither is healthy for the front line employees who work their tails off.

      If Dave were to look back on earlier basher posts he would see it is the bashers who have used the nigger, chink, commie, wetback remark directed at consumers or forum participants.

      Dave, I never said you as an individual are stupid. What I said was people who fail to respond to relevant questions or respond to questions with rhetoric and smears must not be capable of intelligent response.

      You obviously are capable and you did. We will never know why you were the first out of the twenty or so habitual bashers on this forum to answer what should not have been difficult questions.

    • Okay, Mr. Courage and truth - let me try:

      1. Yes - Walmart should participate in Welfare to work by hiring people at living wages

      2. I don't know Billy C.

      3. Unions are gasping? I wish they would more. When we held our local officials feet to the fire with a real election threat for once they got off their butts and started organizing, etc. They should repond to members and work to make laborers and managers get along better - NOT get in bed with managers and work laborers together with them. It happens, sorry to say. They are in decline due to the law of the land being written in the ink upon corporate dollars- pure and simple - Walmartization - America's largest employer is America's number one enemy in many ways - sorry to say also.

      4. You are the bigot -with your broad remark
      I don't associate with bigots to get answers.
      Why do corporations use Nazi tactics? I don't know

      5. Support 5% at the expense of 95%? You mean union employed folks vs. those not so? I just support helping us all to keep decent civilization going in American cities. It is way in decline since leave it to Beaver. I may not advocate going back to Eisenhower era but something needs be done about average income of labor [lower classes] causing a lot of problems with their children, etc.

      6. Pay others don't provide? Costco has been mentioned, C&T, and I work at a Distr. Center in Tacoma, WA where we have held wages of union employees down in part due to the SuperWalmart threat - lower wages for workers providing supplies out of distribution centers

      Walmart built one in Yakima - as close as they've come Western Washington here

      7. Number 7 here is an area where you are believing and passing along 'the lies' about union labor - you have never worked in one. We cooperate a lot in the Teamsters. And we see other Teamsters [drivers and UPS workers] who do the same. A lot of cooperation... and managers tell us they are relieved to have union representation - saves them a lot of hassles and work.. unless they are little dictator managers who crave power I guess. The top operations guy loves having Teamsters and came from them. They can be good, and can be not so good.

      We have done away with a lot of what they could once 'get away with'.. however - sometimes a bad employee is just a bad one. They can work a system - I'll give you that, but the trade offs are huge - immense.

      But then you think I'm stupid, and you can just fire anyone, and like it that way - think it should be so [that way] and on this we happen to differ.

      I studied labor relations in economics school [a top ten rated one when I attended there] and do know about the labor struggle and how it all came about - up from 14 hour 7 day weeks, child labor, no benefits or vacation, etc. to a 40 hour week [base - roughly - I work way more, and get paid accordingly, at 2 jobs+] for even you, sir.

      DUH = Dave Hill (with U in the middle) Tacoma

    • Do you think 1.4million people make a difference in the welfare rolls? 1.4m is not just US---so the figure is less for the US. If you think this makes a difference I have some ocean front property in Kansas to sell you.

    • While I am concerned about this interaction, there are some questions to be answered as we explore the validity.

      Were the people who applied for food stamps recently unemployed or work for specific companies or industries.

      Were they grocery store employees ?
      In my community, while one grocery chain has gone bankrupt, three others continue to prosper and grow in the shadow of WMT.

      Were they hardware/paint store employees ?
      Could be Lowe's or Home Depot couldn't it ?

      Were they mom and pop clothing store employees ? What national chain clothing stores opened in the same counties ?

      This is a very interesting situation which deserves some sophisticated analysis and third party validation.

      We shall see.

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