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  • gslovacek gslovacek Nov 15, 2006 10:02 PM Flag


    I rarely post on this board anymore but I had to reply to your post. You'll get nowhere espousing facts on this message board. Wal*Mart is good for consumers, good for families and good for our economy. Some Wal*Mart associates don't like their jobs? Get in line. I work for the federal government and I can assure you that the vast majority of employees in my office feel underpaid, under appreciated and pay too much for their health care insurance. Oh and by the way... they are UNIONIZED. The union maggots, that incessantly post on this board, have an agenda... DUH! Wal*Mart starting pay is much higher than the minimum wage but if you tell a lie long enough... Wal*Mart is the only retailer that sells goods manufactured in China... if you tell a lie long enough. The next time you're in a targit or Kohls or JC Penney... look at the label on a piece of clothing. I'd love to purchase more goods, "Made in America"
    but the 'friggin UNIONS made it impossible for the companies to make a profit! What happened? I'll tell you what happened. They closed their operations and moved it overseas or to South America. My God, look at the US steel industry. Once a world leader but now the majority of steel is purchased from overseas. Should I continue? This is easy, look at the sad shape that our automobile industry is in. A unionized floor sweeper, at a GM plant(of course the plant has been closed) made 70K a year?! Electronics? Remember RCA? I think you get my point. The mobUNIONbosses have pretty much eliminated the majority of manufactured goods made in the US. What remains is fragile at best. We are now a country whose economy is driven by services and the consumption of goods. A fair days work does deserve a fair days wage but the union, much like a snake, coils itself around the neck of the goose, that lays the golden eggs. Think about it.

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