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  • pigisaspigdoes pigisaspigdoes Nov 27, 2007 9:36 PM Flag

    Anyone remember when the US was respected?

    And Bill Clinton was President?

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    • We were the laughing stock of the world when Clinton was president.

      At least we got a President now who gets respect from the world.

    • You can't keep a basher down because shit floats.

    • I have to add that Boris was born in small Russian town - Moscow - but managed to get to Paris (Italy) to see the Tower Bridge and from there accidently (he was drunk) ended up in wealfare office in North East of the USA (located a bit south of North Pole), if you know what I mean.

    • Yes, I saw Boris in Paris few years ago - he was looking for a personal jet to sneak in the US. Finally he got one and jump off the plane using parachute. He landed in Rocky Mountains and managed to get to North East and applied for food stamps and heat assistance! He is illegal immigrant and support HEEEElary because she promised to give driver license for all illegals! He does not drive now and need this license!I can see thru this guy as well as americanskinonworkingbum!

    • Boreass you liar, all Russians are liars. You crossed the boarder illegally into the USA hiding in a Mexican taco wrapper sack. There are witnesses you moron.

    • For your information I was born in this country and for what it is worth you sniveling little coward I served in Viet Nam when you were picking you ass for a seat in the third grade.

    • No. No more domestic taxes. We need to spend less AND tax less for America to prosper. I hate to preach isolationism or protectionism, but I believe a little protective tariffs on products imported by countries who don't play fair is in order.

    • The dollar is weak. Weaker than it has ever been against the Euro. Even the Canadian dollar has gained against us. The reasons for this are extremely complex. Part of it is that currencies are fluid and move sometimes to excess levels just like the stock market. However, some of the reasons for it's current level of valuation are real.

      Oil is part of the problem. We keep sending our greenbacks to the middle east for oil, to China for all kinds of cheap crap, and to India for information technology. China and the Middle East have so much American currency that they can only invest it in securities backed by our ever devaluing dollar, which then causes it to become even weaker.

      Countries DO become richer and poorer. China is becoming richer. Saudia Arabia is becoming richer. India is becoming richer. Americans, on the other hand, have spent more and more and saved less and less. We've sent all of our capital overseas and bought houses on a mortgage worth less than the paper they're printed on. Has America become a poorer nation? I'm afraid that I believe it has.

    • We have sold out our people. I agree. We've given away our American middle class. I even agree that the people who are responsible for this are capitalists who let their greed take over their business decisions. The Wal-Mart's of the world squeezed their vendors and squeezed and squeezed and squeezed until they were forced to turn to overseas sweatshops to make a profit whether they want to or not. Next we sold off our people in information technology by outsourcing call centers, support services, and engineering jobs to India and China. Our country has even been overrun by foreign physicians who were trained in foreign universities. We have lost much of our own ability to manufacture our own injectable pharmaceuticals including vaccines.

      This is the world we are giving to our children. We are the first generation to hand our children an America which is lesser in worldly stature than that which we inherited from our parents.

      I can't say that I'm very proud of that fact.

    • Actually, I believe it is unfair to blame capitalism for the meltdown we are experiencing. All economies are cyclical and there are a lot of factors at play here, but I believe you are more angry with the excuse of a "global economy" being the scapegoat term which is currently being used to excuse the flagrant outsourcing of American jobs to foreign sweatshops where people work for well below poverty wages.

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