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  • downn2 downn2 Dec 31, 2007 3:34 PM Flag

    Wal-Mart is killing America's economic diversity again

    Well, no sh*t Sherlock...the whole mission of the Bush administration is to try to drive as many small business as they can out of business. Thus funnel the revenues back to large corporate entities, who then will funnel a percentage of the money back to the GOP under the disguise of Campaign contributions....

    Same thing happened under Bush SR....When we was finished, there wasn't one privately owned bank left in Texas.
    That's why he wasn't re-elected....But the GOP seemed to have a way to get everyone to forget about that in only 8 years by making Clinton haters out of everyone, thus getting them to vote for Jr. who's made his daddy look like beginner, as he funneled a record breaking 2 trillion dollar out of the U.S. Treasury earmarked for those industries in bed with to the GOP.!

    Pretty damn obviously what he mission of the GOP's candidates are..Why Americans still keep voting them in office is just amazing to me...Must be come religious guilt trip, the preachers, who the GOP has bought off with Gov handouts to the tune of 7 billion dollars, are laying on their parishioners to keep em voting for em..

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