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  • madmilker61 madmilker61 Mar 2, 2009 9:43 AM Flag

    support your town....


    shop around!

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    • Support YOUR town - get out more and open your eyes! You need some new material.

      Walmart sells many products made in the USA - Sterlite plastic products, personal care products, vitamins, rugs, fabric, etc.

      The few stores in my tiny town sell ONLY stuff from China. So by shopping at WalMart, and other places outside my town that sell American made products, I am supporting American workers.

      Get a life Milker! You spend too much time at your computer! (Is it American built with American compontents? If so, I'd like to know where you got it.)

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      • & don't forget about all the U.S.A. grown fruits and vegetables (fesh & frozen) and U.S. prescription drugs and OTC drugs, California wines, local beers, local salty snacks (chips & ptetzels) and on and why should I pay some greedy a$$ twice the price for some stale Motrin instead of going to Walmart. Do you eve buy motor oil at your convenience store or grocery store...go ahead and support those greedy bastards. By the way, Walmart is in my town so what's your complaint?

    • shop around

      Yes.........let me waste my time and wear & tear on my vehicle, as well as fuel $. The rest of the stores sell the same Chinese made junk but only at a higher cost...thses small stores don't have economy of scale, plus, the owner likes to eat filet & lobster so a nice healthy profit is takced on.

      Does this sound familar: You go into Sam's and see all the small businessmen of conveinence stores loading up up cases of water, soda, individual snacks, etc. They turn around and sell them for 10X the cost. Yes, support your local dot head that buys from Walmart. What a moron you are.

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