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  • sunseeds777 sunseeds777 Mar 2, 2011 7:17 PM Flag

    Imagine if WMT unionized all it's workers

    Paid them like $11 an hour, gave them a insurance plan.

    Which they could easily do.

    Can you imagine how many of those folks who are drawing unemployment would go apply for a job.

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    • Walmart policy is to pay its associates for every hour they work and provides rest and meal breaks. Walmart posts the average hourly wages in every state where it does business. In New York, the average hourly wage for full-time associates is $13.09/hour. Click here for more.

      Meal & Rest Breaks: Walmart provides its associates with meal and rest breaks. In legal actions that have been brought against the company alleging that it did not comply with that policy, courts have found that the allegations made in those cases were an aberration. A California court found that Walmart’s “meal period compliance rate is a benchmark for any other large-scale national retailer…” Another court rejected claims that Walmart’s corporate culture drove any alleged wage-and-hour violations.

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      • At today’s City Council hearing, Council Member Albert Vann accused Walmart of having more employees on Medicaid than any other company. Both full and part-time associates can become eligible for benefits and our goal is to ensure that our plans remain affordable, accessible and high quality. We currently offer plans for as low as $11 (associate only) or $33 (associate plus dependants) per pay period. We insure over 1 million people across the country.

    • Can you imagine how getting all those walmart workers off public assistance would help all those states balance their budgets and it might even improve walmart crappy public image.

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