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  • forest0371 forest0371 Jan 24, 2012 10:52 PM Flag

    After 3 years Obama Has Not Accomplished Much for the Economy

    Unemployment is much too high; national debt is absurd; Obama cannot even get the rich to pay their fair share in taxes as he claims he wants; Obama has surrounded himself with lousy advisors and a worse VP; the list is endless.

    I am disappinted in Obama and feel the country is sailing without a rudder.

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    • I hope obama sends an immediate bill to congress to stop insider trading for everyone on the hill and beyond. Nothing else attached to this bill to debate. I WANT TO SEE WHO VETOS THIS BILL AND WHEN OBAMA SENDS IT. Talk is cheap.

    • The filibuster rule no longer works. When our congress was really concerned about taking care of the business of the country the use of a filibuster was a rare occurance but it is being abused now. It was never meant to be a tool to block everything that the other party puts through. Since it is being used like that now you are saying that the minority should win. It should never be that way. You sound like you are more concerned with politics then having a true democratic process.

    • Obama is much much better than ALL the CRAPOS combined, excluding Ron Paul.
      And i want to sh?t on faux news and its owners

    • The GOP congress votes against him almost 100% of the time.. They have hog tied him

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      • When did they take over the Senate and kick Harry Reid out of office? Of course it may be the fact that he hasn't submitted a budget along with the Prez for well over 1000 days! How long would a regular person have a job for not doing their duty as an employee? Of course with so many not even looking for a job much less going through the process of filing for unemployment they may just be copying ol Harry! Need to get your facts straight and who needs Congress when the President goes ahead without their consent and puts his advisors in to muck up the economy anyhow. How many thought their lives would be so much better off when he was in office. Well are you better off then you were five years ago? More foreclosures and it's almost comical those manufacturing jobs he boast are coming back are companies that make the locks that go on those foreclosed homes. Too funny!

      • Well, remember he didn't have opposition when the Democrats controlled both houses. So what is your excuse now?

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