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  • gomerpylegriffith gomerpylegriffith Jun 4, 2012 10:15 PM Flag

    One of the greatest shorts of the year...

    I am trying to understand the mind of the retail investor. He/she will buy a stock like walmart because it pays 2.4 in dividend, never mind that in one day that same stock will go down more than 2.4 and there goes your dividend and then some. If you are long please explain to me WHY? You will buy a stock that will probably go down 6 or more dollars in the next couple of weeks while convincing yourself "but it pays a dividend".
    SELL SELL SELL, this and any other stock you might own. You are better off keeping your money under your mattress than so called investing it in stock for the foreseeable future.
    The Dow will revisit last year's lows and then some by august.

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    • It is unreal the mindset of traders. I have owned WMT for many years, and I collect the dividends which in one year is more than I paid for all the stock I currently hold. I have paid no capital gains taxes on it since I bought. I only have to pay tax on the dividends. The dividends let me buy other stocks and I have a large portfolio now. If I traded in and out of stocks, I would be paying lots of taxes. So you are evidently a trader without holding stocks for the big gains. You probably would sell things like Nike, Under Armor, Intuitive surgical after they run up a few points, too. You can't tell someone how to live whose mind is made up, but I have a couple of million in the market, and how about you?

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