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  • phil_mccrakkin phil_mccrakkin Feb 16, 2013 11:24 AM Flag

    Henry Ford purposely overpaid his workers because he knew

    that for every dollar he gave them, twenty cents would come back to him anyhow.

    Welfare Mart underpays its workers because it knows that for every dollar it gives them, the government gives them an extra fifty cents.

    Do you think Henry Ford would have shopped at Welfare Mart? No. First, he was a principled man, and second, there is nothing in that Chinese junk stall that he would have needed. He would have shuddered at the poor quality of the #$%$ assembled by foreign slave labor.

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    • Walmart is not Ford and Walmart is not the only one on the government dole. How much do you think Walmart's competitors pay its workers. McDonalds? I believe many associated with Walmart contributed to Obama - increased food stamp usage benefits Walmart. So if you give more foodstamps more people will buy at Walmart. In essence I expect many low paying businesses benefit from government assistance. As do their customers. Think about it. It's all subsidized. The profits, the workers, and customers are all subsidized.
      Not that the free spending, debt building, working stiff is not excluded. She too is entitled to a subsidy - how about an artificial interest rate mortgage? What, took on too much debt and you're underwater. No problem. Don't pay your mortgage for 2 years and we will give you $4000 to leave. Don't worry about the loss you created (and personal gain from the extinguishment) we already passed legislation so you won't be taxed on it.

      Recently I heard a democrat senator say we don't have a spending problem in this country - we have a problem paying for what we spend. Silly me. I thought we had a problem with how much and on what we spend our borrowed money on.

    • You mean Henry Ford expected his people to spend 20% of their pay on a car !!!! You are an idiot, that is called advertising, not goodwill.

      Your other idiotic statement is WMT underpays. WMT pay and benefits are better than most retailers and even better than many other industries. That is why they are able to attract workers every week, every month, every year.

      You pretend you know where Henry F would have shopped. You are not of the same mind or the same cloth as Henry Ford. Refresh reader memories, are you the carpet layer or the postman who hangs out on this forum ?

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      • 1. You are a mental case. A very angry person.

        2. Welfare Mart pays better than most retailers? Hmmm, last I checked, 40% of its slaves receive some kind of government subsidies.

        3. I am not a carpet layer. I own a flooring store. We sell and install hardwood, sheet vinyl, vinyl planking, ceramic tile, cork, commercial carpet, residential carpet, travertine and a bunch of other products. 95% of what we sell is American made.

        4. Henry Ford was a great philanthropist who built Ford Towns in and around Detroit. He was a visionary who provided workers with 1 acre of land and the means to farm it for the purpose of making his workers self sufficient. You are obviously clueless with respect to just about everything on the planet. Welfare Mart gives its slaves classes on how to apply for public assistance and a blue apron.

    • phil- My dad raised 6 children - mother stayed home, worked for minimum wages all but 2-3 years. Lived in a new home drove a new vehicle left all of them a few K's each. Never went hungry, never slept cold and was very average. Management - common sense - work - no welfare

    • If you over pay, the competition will have the edge. All it takes is a higher minium wage to level the playing field and we will see if that translates into more jobs or less. Remember a car has much higher margins.

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      • Wow, we might actually agree on something .. to wit: I'm not sure raising the minimum wage was good or not, but we will find out. My guess is that it will bump up unemployment among uneducated twenty somethings, but overall return more money into the system in the form of people having more disposable income as opposed to recycling money through the inefficient welfare system.

        Also, I disagree with you about overpaying. It worked for Henry Ford, clearly. Welfare Mart chose to lower the bar vis a vis margins in retail. They didn't necessarily invent the problem of lower margins, but they pushed the idea to the limit.

        There are many companies that refuse to do things for pennies and yet they survive. Boeing, unions or otherwise, is one example. They give nothing away. They rule their market sector through superior service and products.

      • Shep,
        the unionpimps are too dumb to understand the differnce of building a car and scanning a can of green beans.

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