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  • cubicllle_99 cubicllle_99 May 13, 2013 9:56 AM Flag

    WALMART has shown the poor how to eat table scraps from dumpsters, stay trim, not spend much,

    how to panhandle like the old days, conserve on soap like shep does, no high mortgage expense for them, no recreation to take away from the family, yepper wmt has sure done good for the poor

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    • That is dumb. Life is what you make of it. Everyone has choices and if they choose to have no skills, so be it. You can lead a horse to water (education) but you can't make them drink.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 3 Replies to shep21998
      • ["Everyone has choices ...."].....


        Well, why don't you tell everyone here whose choice it was at taking Sam Walton's hyphen out of his Wal-Mart and replacing it with a great big single star (Wal*Mart) years ago....

        Did it have anything to do with the moving of their Global Procurement Office from Hong Kong to China....?

        Come on!!!!

        Everyone needs an answer....

        and why the less than 5% foreign in all Wal*Mart stores in China.....

        ain't that depriving the people of China from foreign made...


        is it just that Wal*Mart wants to save fuel when all their cargo ships they had commissioned years ago go back to China ....EMPTY..!!


        I love Forbes because they love my comments.


        Did you know Ms Mayer here at Yahoo was sitting on Wal*Mart's board of directors before being appointed CEO of Yahoo....

        Some think it was Greg Penner's idea....

        What do you think.... :)

      • in your case Jesus lead them to the dumpster, RIGHT? YOUR trying to tie WMT into the Jesus thing, it will not work,

      • Okay, so explain to us dumb folk all the opportunities that exist for educated people in Arkansas. This ought to be interesting. Let's say I live in Arkansas and get a PhD (highly unlikely.) What then?

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