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  • greendog03 greendog03 Jun 2, 2013 11:33 AM Flag

    i wonder if our polticians would go for walmart be taken over by the chinese

    A sausage maker no big deal - now if its a tech company the politicians get all upset - if its the food chain no big deal - we sure do have smart politicians now don't we - of course, Walmart is a chinese broker. i think it would absolutely make sense for the chinese to take it offer - its perfect - everything comes from china - now you control the manufacturing and the retail - brilliant - Also, its all low wage labor - then they can probably do a better job of selling even cheaper goods finding away around any safety laws, and even taxes - i guess if they move the headquarters to china - they own no taxes to the US. A sausage maker - they makes sense - a few more acquisitions and you have the food chain under your belt - technology is pretty easy, you just steal that - then you just grab the retail space and before you know it, america is basically working for china at low wages - yes, indeed - china knows how stupid the politicians are - just dangle some money at them and they'll do anything you want them to do - they acquire the pork producer - not a peep out of washington - So china get it together dangle a little more money at the politicians and Walmart is yours for the taking,

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    • you mean they didn't ?

    • greendog, a good handle for what you contend, you wonder what the chinese might be able to do? Well the Chinese will be able to do what the Japanese did, what the Taiwanese did, what the rest of Asia and Africa will do when they are dealt in.
      And that is to participate in trade and economic development to the extent their resources (mainly labor) enables them and to in turn become empowered markets for the rest of industrialized nations.

      Have no fear, zero fear, for the UN's ability to compete and prosper in this global economy. We have advantages the rest are unlikely to attain.
      So greendog sleep in peace, as now you know. Wonder not.

    • To late walmart has long been a Communist Chinese tool, after all it's global procurement office isn't in the US, it's in China nad they donate free space in every store in China to the communist party.

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