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    Bill Clinton says GOP has duty to help fix ObamaCare 'glitches'

    Bill Clinton says GOP has duty to help fix ObamaCare 'glitches'

    Sam Baker - 09/04/13 12:50 PM ET

    Former President Bill Clinton on Wednesday said Republicans have a duty as elected officials to help fix the “glitches” in ObamaCare.

    Clinton lent his reputation as "explainer in chief" to the healthcare law's rollout, delivering a roughly hourlong speech in which he praised ObamaCare and criticized congressional Republicans for their steadfast opposition.

    "It is the law," Clinton said. "We've all got an interest in trying to faithfully execute the law. To get one of these elected jobs, you actually take an oath to do that."

    In the speech at his presidential library in Little Rock, Ark., Clinton said the healthcare law does have problems — and that Republicans should try to solve them.

    "We all get paid to show up for work, and we need all hands on deck here," Clinton said.

    The former president, who unsuccessfully pursued comprehensive healthcare reform in his first years in office, said ObamaCare is "the best chance we've had" to provide near-universal coverage and repair an inefficient healthcare system.

    Clinton delivered the speech weeks ahead of the critical Oct. 1 deadline to launch new insurance marketplaces, also known as exchanges, in each state. Echoing Obama, Clinton acknowledged that some technical hiccups are likely. But said bumps in the road come with the territory of major reforms.

    "There may be glitches, but so far there's no evidence to suggest that they won't be able to be fixed quickly," Clinton said.

    Although Clinton conceded that he sees several flaws in the Affordable Care Act, he rebutted the familiar criticisms about cost increases and cuts to workers' hours.

    "This law has already done a lot of good," Clinton said.

    His proposed fixes would all expand the law, particularly its tax credits.

    The worst problem in the Affordable Care Act, Clinton said, is a provision related to healthcare coverage for families.


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