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  • jkwelli jkwelli Sep 5, 2013 9:58 AM Flag

    *** WMT ALWAYS has better prices than UNIONIZED grocer ***

    Why Pay Union grocer $5.99 for same item I get at WMT for $3.23?

    IMO 95%+ of food, beauty and paper goods we buy at WMt are cheaper than at Unionized grocer. The other 5% are either the same or nearly the same.

    We usually buy name brand goods, cereal, cleaners, soups, ice cream, etc.

    We shop at both unionized grocer and at WMT. We compare prices often.

    WMT ALWAYS has the better price. We save at least $3000 per year at WMT.

    We shop at unionized grocer for their loss leading specials when the store offers a few items a better prices but we don't get sucked in to overpaying 25% more for everything else in the unionized grocer.

    We will also buy seafood at unionized grocer.

    8 years and $100,000 of spending later, WMT STILL has better prices than unionized grocer.

    TO get our business, all the unionized grocer has to do is lower their prices.
    Having unions attack WMT on this website doesn't help unionized grocers get my business.

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