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  • madmilker70 madmilker70 Oct 2, 2013 9:39 AM Flag

    Did you know the US Government

    [FY 2010 Federal Govt. Spending of $3.8 Trillion Consumed
    32% of the Economy, or $12,239 per man, woman and child,
    or 46% of the economy counting regulatory compliance....

    The Social Spending portion consumed 62% of total spending,
    and has increased 17 Times Faster Than The Economy

    and - federal employee compensation is 2.3 times higher
    than paid in the private sector] ......

    It was only 3% of the economic pie prior to the New Deal.....

    32% of Americans GDP is the damn Government spending your damn money....NOT YOU saving it or spending it....

    And the US Government is bigger today which means it is spending more ....

    and you sit

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    • At federal level, US spent $850 billion on defense in 2010. That was more than on ANY OTHER CATEGORY.

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      • 2011
        [The U.S. is borrowing about 36 cents of every dollar spent so far this year. It borrowed 37 cents on the dollar last year, and 40 cents in fiscal 2009.
        The largest components of federal spending are Social Security and Medicare programs for the elderly (33.5 percent of total outlays in 2010) and national defense (20.1 percent). Interest payments on the federal debt alone accounted for 5.7 percent of all federal spending, and that percentage is rising.
        The federal income tax accounted for 41.5 percent of federal receipts in 2010 (down from 49.6 percent prior to the Bush tax cuts of 2001 – 2003). Corporate taxes brought in only 8.9 percent, also down sharply since the recent recession. Payroll taxes and other "social insurance" payments accounted for 40 percent of total receipts in 2010.] ....

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