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  • larrymountainmankiwihero larrymountainmankiwihero Nov 6, 2013 9:22 PM Flag

    Walmart cancels all orders that were underpriced because of their computer disaster

    Didn't hear if they cancelled the orders that were charged too much for. Probably not. Another terrible management decision. they should have ate the losses and given the people the price they thought they were getting. These people know zero and I mean zero about public relations. They most likely just lost a lot more customers and with all the customers they've already lost, they really can't afford that. Amazon would have never done that but they understand the value of exceptional customer service. Of the hundreds, if not into the thousands of items I've bought from Amazon over the years, I've only had one problem. We ordered a big screen TV and when we received it, something had punctured the box and put a scratch in the screen. You couldn't notice it when a dark scene was on but it showed like a sore thumb when there was a bright colored picture. I contacted them and they asked if I could send them a couple pictures of the hole in the box and the scratch on the screen. I did that right away and sent them to them and within a half hour, they told me they would have the TV picked up the next day and as soon as the carrier notified them that it was picked up, they would ship a new one. Well, they didn't even wait. About an hour after they sent me the email saying they would ship a new one as soon as the old one was picked up, I got another email saying they had already shipped a new one and it was being overnighted. You know they lost money on that sale but they understand the importance of great customer service. This was just a few days before Christmas so they probably figured it was a Christmas present or we wanted it when company came for Christmas. It had nothing to do with Christmas though. We just happened to buy it just before Christmas for ourselves and weren't even going to be home for Christmas. They really bend over backwards to keep their customers happy. Smart management.

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