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  • doely_1 doely_1 Mar 20, 2014 9:37 PM Flag

    Getting A Check Cashed

    Obama walked into the Bank of America to cash a check. As he approached the cashier

    he said, "Good morning Ma'am, could you please cash this check for me?"

    Cashier: "It would be my pleasure sir. Would you please show me your ID?"
    Obama: "Truthfully, I did not bring my ID with me as I didn't think there was any need to.

    I am Barack Obama, the President of the United States of AMERICA !!!!"

    Cashier: "Yes sir, I know who you are, but with all the regulations and monitoring of the banks

    because of impostors and forgers and requirements of the Dodd /Frank legislation, etc., I must

    insist on seeing your ID.

    Obama: "Just ask anyone here at the bank who I am and they will tell you. Everybody knows

    who I am."

    Cashier: "I am sorry Mr. President but these are the bank rules and I must follow them."

    Obama: "I order you to cash this check!"

    Cashier: "Look Mr. President, here is an example of what we can do. One day, Tiger Woods

    came into the bank without ID. To prove he was Tiger Woods he pulled out his putter and

    made a beautiful shot across the bank into a cup. With that shot we knew him to be Tiger Woods

    and cashed his check.

    Another time, Andre Agassi came in without ID. He pulled out his tennis racquet and made a

    fabulous shot whereas the tennis ball landed in my cup. With that shot we cashed his check.

    So, Mr. President, what can you do to prove that it is you, and only you, as the President of the

    United States ?"

    Obama stands there thinking, and thinking, and finally says, "Honestly, I can't think of a single

    thing. I don't have a clue what to do.

    Cashier: "Will that be large or small bills, Mr. President?

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    • Another true story:

      CBS News

      A Florida man born without arms says a Tampa bank would not let him cash a check because he couldn't provide a thumbprint.

      Steve Valdez didn't have an account at a Bank of America location in downtown Tampa, where he tried to cash a check from his wife last week. However, Valdez has prosthetic arms and is unable to provide a thumbprint. He says he presented two forms of identification but was still denied.

      He says a bank manager told him he could either come back to the bank with his wife or open an account himself.

    • Okay, you get a time out for posting the same joke for the 25,000,000th time.

      Where oh where are the WMD's, minimum wage troll?

      • 1 Reply to phil_mccrakkin
      • "One way or the other, we are determined to deny Iraq the capacity to develop weapons of mass destruction and the missiles to deliver them. That is our bottom line." --President Bill Clinton, Feb. 4, 1998
        "If Saddam rejects peace and we have to use force, our purpose is clear. We want to seriously diminish the threat posed by Iraq's weapons of mass destruction program." --President Bill Clinton, Feb. 17, 1998
        "Iraq is a long way from [here], but what happens there matters a great deal here. For the risks that the leaders of a rogue state will use nuclear, chemical or biological weapons against us or our allies is the greatest security threat we face." --Madeline Albright, Feb 18, 1998
        "He will use those weapons of mass destruction again, as he has ten times since 1983." --Sandy Berger, Clinton National Security Adviser, Feb, 18, 1998
        "[W]e urge you, after consulting with Congress, and consistent with the U.S. Constitution and laws, to take necessary actions (including, if appropriate, air and missile strikes on suspect Iraqi sites) to respond effectively to the threat posed by Iraq's refusal to end its weapons of mass destruction programs." Letter to President Clinton, signed by: -- Democratic Senators Carl Levin, Tom Daschle, John Kerry, and others, Oct. 9, 1998
        "Saddam Hussein has been engaged in the development of weapons of mass destruction technology which is a threat to countries in the region and he has made a mockery of the weapons inspection process." -Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D, CA), Dec. 16, 1998
        "Hussein has ... chosen to spend his money on building weapons of mass destruction and palaces for his cronies." -- Madeline Albright, Clinton Secretary of State, Nov. 10, 1999

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