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  • webman01 webman01 Jul 16, 1998 6:10 PM Flag

    3-6 Month Price Predictions of WMT??

    Buy and Hold or NOT, does this stock hold it's gains.

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    • WMT split in the 60's, and went down to near 20, before
      this amazing ascent. That doesn't look like a stock
      that can't hold value. Lot's of luck.

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      • for the WMT decline after the last split. WMT had
        gotten itself in so much debt that investors lost
        confidence in it. The National Association of Investors, Inc
        dropped WMT immediately after the split because their
        long term debt was 70 percent of stockholder equity
        and NAIC considerd this a NO NO of the highest order.
        So there was a reason for the fall. There are no
        such conditions working on WMT today. Today it appears
        that all systems are GO for WMT.

      • either died, or was near death at the time of the
        last split, at that time for whatever reason, either
        ignorance or miss-information, the over all public thought
        wal-mart could not survive- this included a lot of expert
        analist. Brokers, and analist alike were not recomending
        wall-mart, as they had prior to Sams death, and that was the
        reason the stock was flat and down during this period.
        Believe me folks my wife works for Wal-mart and I live
        less than 10 miles from there headquarters and though
        I cant promise the stock will ever go up one more
        penny I do know that THIS IS ONE FINE COMPANY,and if
        wallstreet has any success as a whole, this stock will
        succeed as well

      • the BD learned their lessons in those 3 years &
        have now built bases that WILL NOT LOSE, but move
        ahead into the next century, with unparalled sales of
        all time. Let's put those years back into the
        archives & bury them forever. WE ARE NOW IN THE GREATEST

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