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  • omph_69 omph_69 Jul 18, 1999 1:10 AM Flag

    Do you know...

    how much money WMT will lose, if blacks and
    non-hispanic whites will boycott our stock ? WMT will not be
    the company it is, if it is exclusive rather than
    inclusive. The presence of blacks and non-hispanic employees
    in the store will also attract customers of their
    own race naturally. Think before you open your mouth.
    Probably, this stock would have doubled up faster, were it
    not for people like you owning it. By the way, I am
    white too.

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    • Don great person, Dalton is his brother-in-law who had many years with furrs. Good Luck on your retirement.

    • I've Known Don Dodson since Christ was a kid.
      Always liked him, thought he had a lot of common sense
      compared to some of the maniacs who have worked for them.
      Dalton I do not know. I just filled out the paperwork
      for my retirement. It doesn't amount to a hell of a
      lot. Supposedly I will get it in a lump sum. Hope so.

    • Think anyone should be ashamed to be white, really an asinine statement---even if you disagree.Sounds like you are taking a guilt trip.

    • You know Don Dodson, how about Dalton?
      Have you checked their board lately?
      Hope you get your retirement, Dalton worries.

    • The company that I worked for (20 years) Furrs
      cafeterias recently moved their corporate offices to
      Richardson. While not a major employer, they are a long time
      Texas co.

      And yes diversity definitely does

    • It started as a sleepy "bedroom community" for TI
      and a few other employers. Collins Radio (became
      Rockwell Electronics became Alcatel USA) moved in and some
      of their customers followed -- MCI, Fujitsu, et al.
      Then MCI (now MCI Worldcom) grew like crazy and their
      vendors began moving in -- Nortel, other Fujitsu
      divisions, SWB, ADC, et al.

      Somewhere along the
      line, the CofC dubbed it "Telecom Alley" and the
      population grew to about 70,000 AND the number employed grew
      to about 70,000. That means if there were no traffic
      in or out, every man, woman, and child would be

      Now Nortel is the largest employer, MCI is second,
      and almost all the jobs are high-tech professional
      level positions. So there are lots of people from all
      over the world, as well as native

      Drop by some time -- diversity works. But
      unfortunately, there are still some around who want to bad-mouth

    • Well, there is truth in this..I'm a hispanic and
      I am begining to see the browning of America
      starting to happen. To many hispanic mothers' disdain most
      young hispanic males are marrying white females. I
      married a white female , so did both of my brothers. It
      seems that white females have a strong affinity to
      Hispanic males. Perhaps it is the illusion of exotic
      romance--I do not know, but these hispanic/white marriages
      last longer than white/white or hispanic/hispanic.
      America will see a transition, but this is of no concern
      to us because our white-yellow-red-brown flesh will
      be dust by that time; all that will remain is
      America the great

    • You People are only giving this guy what he
      wants, attention for making an outrageous statement,
      ignore him, he'll crawl back under his rock, popping his
      pimples, and holding his porn magazine with one hand

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