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  • investor0329 investor0329 Dec 13, 2001 2:11 PM Flag

    I sold this

    piece of sh*t the other day for a loss. Bought in at 5.45...dumped at 5.18 or thereabouts.
    Stupid I didn't know about the warrants when I bought this dugheap.

    Never buy a stock that is close to having
    warrants cashed in because of dilution.
    Drops the stock mostly every time.

    What a ripoff.

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    • If they are exercised, the warrants will be slightly dilutive, but not much, as holders will pay $5 in cash per share. With the insider buying and good prospects, MAXF is still cheap.

      Also, if you look at many warrant expirations (see posts earlier on this board), you will see that in many cases the stock moves up after the expiration, especially if the warrants expire without exercise, which is very possible unless someone really wants the shares. Why? Because with the volume it won't be easy to just exercise and sell.

      People who exercise options (or warrants) often short the stock above the exercise price to lock in a profit. Here it would be hard because of the low volume.

      Time will tell who is right.

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      • To me..doesn't really matter who is right or wrong.

        I stay away from warrants matter what. Too many other possibilities to consider.

        Doesn't matter how theoretically dilutive warrants would be..what matters is overzealous
        market reaction.

        Small companies that issue warrants will probably issue more in the future..for further dilution.

        Another similar situation is all these freaking options being given to ceo's. highly dilutive.

        Look what happened to Q when Nacchio started excercising..and he still has 20 million more or so. What a joke. Give the companies to the ceo's...and lay off all the workers.