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  • dabmu dabmu Jan 10, 2002 1:13 PM Flag

    And MM plays games every day

    Three months from now, those who sold now will be back here whining and complaining that they missed the move to $7.

    This stock has some of the most transparent financials you will ever see. The magic equation of profits, cash on hand and growth is there in black and white, no accountig tricks.

    I am amazed anyone would sell a single share at this level. I would buy more if it weren't already my top position.

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    • dabmu,

      I agree with you completely. I can not sell a share. But I expect the stock to trade at 5.5 or lower in the last week of Jan. and move to the $7 to $8 range in the first week in Feb., provided the SEC does there job in a timely manner. Now that I have said $7 to $8 a share by Feb. 7th, it most likely will not happen.


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      • The S-3 filing is dated 11/29/01, and the SEC certifies filings in 30-60 days. So January 29 should be the latest effective date unless they go back to MAXF and question anything in the filing.

        In the meantime, folks who missed the first leg up in MAXF from $3 have a great chance to get shares under $5.50. Still a likely double from here if all goes well.

        Thank goodness MAXF did not do any energy or broadband derivative trading, ENE-style. No lost business there.

        This should have been a good quarter for them.