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  • JoeSchmo_2 JoeSchmo_2 Mar 27, 2002 2:14 PM Flag

    Let's Not Be Hard on the Shorts...

    ...imagine the nice pop in share price we'll enjoy when the anxiety and perspiration gets too much and they have to quickly buy back a low-liquidity stock...

    I say - bring on the shorts!

    Maybe I'm nuts but I'm long on MAXF.

    Steady Eddie JoeSchmo

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    • That is funny wattzhappen. I never claimed to have knowledge or anything i just said short this POS and i got 20 responses and I do not even believe in that advice myself.

    • For the life of me, I can't figure out the likes of peedog69. Of the 9000+ stocks traded daily in the US, how and WHY did he feel obligated to share his WISDOM with the less gifted MAXF longs? So he has a "nice" web site. Has nothing to do with the price of MAXF. His comments add NOTHING to intelligent analysis of MAXF. Maybe a bored (and poor) Daytrader?

    • After reading the article about the WTC tragedy I was concerned about the death of their creative leader (forget his name). Especially since they cancelled his expansion plans. But now that I have seen their last quarter numbers I'm convinced that the growth is still there.

      Also, we may just have another down cycle before any resolution to the warrants. Didn't they mention April 12th? That's plenty of time to dip down to mid-lower 5's. Looking back, these last several months looked like a traders dream.

      Patiently waiting (for a change, I usually get out before the profits arrive)!

    • actually Joe i was making fun of the people that always says double tops and it cannot go any higher because you know that is what they said all the way up. The funniest ones, and no offense if you do this ,but the ones that talk about the triangles. That is the funniest.

    • Joe,
      I could say short it it cannot go higher, or double tops or what all the short losers out there say but I have never shorted anything in my life I am just sick of reading all the cheery one sided posts.

    • Honestly, I am not trying to be rude. I didn't understand what you were saying on your post.

      I certainly am not taking your posts seriously, trust me.

    • actually lr5558 you take this boards way to seriously. If you think anything on here is going to sway anybody one way or another then you are an idiot. If i say i do not have a position i could have one and vice versa. I could say i am 18/f. It does not matter but you better short now or lose money like everybody else.

    • Thats scary.