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  • heebeegeebeegeebeegeebee heebeegeebeegeebeegeebee May 12, 2003 1:53 PM Flag



    makeabuck, I just picked up some TENF at 1.20 this morning. Take a look at this one, they actually have earnings, ROE, and even a product. Excellent management team.

    ONT sold off a bit on todays encoder announcement, I hope that is only a transient responce. Are you still with that one?

    And now we return you to our regularly traded stock.

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    • Heebee

      I have been traveling on business for 3 days and just got my head above water. First, PUMA is now above $3 as I predicted. A classic rule of trading, look for stocks under accumulation with a rapid price increase and the traders who expect good earnings will walk the stock down for a few days to accumulate shares before earnings. They take out the stops of all the new owners who just acquired the shares over the last month and had stops in to protect themselves. Once it hit $2.55 I started accumulating down to $2.30 and will look to unload 1/2 in the next day. Return will be in the 20 - 25% range in a few days.

      I haven't even had the time to see ONT or TENF. I will review tonight.


    • I'm a long time MAXF holder,I took a quick look at the TENF corp. It is one of those deals that just looks too good to be true. They have what they claim is a mirical SW product. Being a SW manager in my working life (i'm retired) color me a bit skeptical. I also did not like the negative book value and the salaries of the co execs listed on Yahoo. I am looking for an investment like this for my grandaughters education IRA's but this one scares me a bit, for some reason just sort of comes across as a bit of a scam to me but they look like a legit company. I thought it a bit ironic that their web site listed enron as one of their customers. Wish you the best with it and hope its the next microsoft.