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  • irbbping irbbping Jan 14, 2004 2:35 PM Flag


    As I have said before this is one goofy trader. Lately we have been seeing alot of these bash it all day and close essentially even type of moves. Perhaps this will be true today as well. I am not much of a person for candlesticks but this type of trading creats what the big boys call hammer candlesticks. For those of you who are mad at the world or MAXF or whatever and really want to make money unless bashing is your favorite fruit,I suggest that you move on, not much to be made on the short side here. Every stock has a personality this one is close mouthed in public and gorges its self on options in private and is like taking pictures in nature, you set around forever waiting for something to happen and then it does in 37 seconds and it is over. If you are not long that day or two you miss it. Look at any 3 year chart to support my arguement. Most of us who have traded this thing or hung around for a few years have a huge profit or got out a little early and missed the whole thing.