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  • chicago_blackhawks_finally_2010 chicago_blackhawks_finally_2010 Jun 12, 2013 3:38 PM Flag

    TeliaSonera International Carrier implements Infinera's DTN-X on its Nordic network route


    TeliaSonera International Carrier has taken another chance on Infinera ( Nasdaq: INFN), deploying the vendor's DTN-X packet optical transport networking platform for its Stockholm-to-Hamburg network route.

    This upgrade is part of TSIC's network fulfills a key demand point for the service provider to respond to service requests in the Nordic and Baltic areas of Europe and as a gateway into Russia and into Asia Pacific.

    Ivo Pascucci, head of sales for Americas at TeliaSonera International Carrier, toldFierceTelecom that this route will accommodate the growing presence of regional data centers that provide cloud services to large businesses.

    "This route is important to us because we see a lot of activity in the Nordic market for big data centers for cloud and other large enterprise customers so this route is becoming more and more important as it's our home market and our connection to the Nordics onto Russia and the rest of Asia," he said.

    Pascucci added that while this is the first use of the DTN-X for its own network in Europe, they have "deployed it for a large Internet company customer of our's where we have sold a managed optical networking solution for and deployed the equipment on their behalf."

    Besides fulfilling great capacity needs, the enhanced DTN-X platform which includes its 500G FlexCoherent superchannels, TSIC will gain a competitive edge by being able to respond more quickly to customer requests. TSIC's customers are now asking to predefine the ordering process for 20, 30 or 100 Gbps services.

    "What we're seeing change from a vendor or operator to customer relationship is that customers looking more at the reliability and the ability of the vendor or operator to deliver what they need and when they need it," Pascucci said. "The time to deliver, ease to place order on the sales side is becoming a bigger factor as these buying patterns are changing."

    Similar to its earlier deployment of the DTN-X in North America that supports 500G optical superchannels, TSIC will be able to deliver a mix of 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) and 100 GbE services to its growing wholesale and large enterprise customers.

    Last November, TSIC completed its 100G network buildouts in Europe and North America leveraging Nokia Siemens Networks--now Coriant#$%$ 7300 platform and Infinera's DTN-X.

    These upgrades, which enabled it to respond quicker to requests for 40 and 100G services, are part of its goal to build what it says is a "seamless 100G enabled network encompassing Europe and North America."

    Pascucci said that the deployment of the DTN-X platform has enabled it to respond to two needs: sell higher transport services to customers and accommodate traffic growth on its own backbone.

    "The DTN-X platform taking us from the 1.8 Tbps to 8 Tbps of available capacity has given us the scale to go out and actively sell 10 Gig and 100 Gig transport services and managed the growth in traffic on our IP backbone," he said.

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    • Some more info about this deal, from TelecomRamblings:

      Following its deployment of the DTN-X in the US, Teliasonera International Carrier has brought it across the Atlantic. They’ve now put it on one of their key routes, hooking up Stockholm and Hamburg with those 500G superchannels. In the US of course, Teliasonera operates off a few fiber pairs from the WilTel buildout, but in Europe they’ve got a lot more and in Sweden they’re obviously top dog.
      TeliaSonera has 100G deployed across Europe already, but with gear from Coriant (formerly NSN). The fact that they’re bringing Infinera in as well implies things have gone really well with the gear in the US, and I doubt it will be their last such move and I doubt Coriant is terribly happy about it either.
      The 100G marketplace has gone from nowhere to everywhere faster than I imagined it could have. And since since the DTN-X went on the market last summer, Infinera’s vision has been gaining momentum steadily right along with it. According to an Infonetics report recently, some 86% of global service providers are now planning to deploy OTN switching and 94% of those want it integrated with WDM. That’s an environment where a lot of networks will be built (or rebuilt) from the ground up, and the land rush is clearly on to be at the foundation.

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      • An Ovum analyst responds to a Gazettabyte website article submitted by Infinera's Mike Capuano

        Article name: "High fives: 5 Terabit OTN switching and 500 Gig super-channels"

        Integrated OTN/WDM platforms:

        Infinera DTN and DTN-X
        Huawei OSN 8800
        Nokia Siemens Networks hiT7100
        Alcatel-Lucent 1830 PSS
        Tellabs 7100

        Seems like the Ciena 6500 should be in this group (line modules are advertised as P-OTS and/or OTN)

      • to the technical guys here. When they talk about OTN switching and WDM is this something that only INFN does or do others do it also. Or does INFN do it better than others? Does INFN have a big advantage here? Do CIEN and ALA also provide OTN switching and WDM? Sorry for being clueless here.

    • Stockholm -to- Hamburg straight line distance is 500 miles and includes going under the Baltic Sea over to Germany. It's just a foot in another door, in Europe which is probably why the stock price isn't reacting much to the news. Hope it leads to follow-on work along other parts of their network.

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