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  • ragingbullbuyandsell ragingbullbuyandsell Aug 4, 2014 3:24 AM Flag

    stock issued to employees

    I flipped through Infinera's cash flow summaries and cherry picked the following numbers: diluted shares....cost per new share
    2014 $8,401,000 126,758,000 9,333,000 $0.90
    2013 $23,185,000 117,425,000 6,686,000 $3.47
    2012 $11,580,000 110,739,000 5,307,000 $2.18
    2011 $10,023,000 105,432,000 6,052,000 $1.66
    2010 $19,348,000 99,380,000 3,912,000 $4.95
    2009 $9,310,000 95,468,000 3,041,000 $3.06
    2008 $11,482,000 92,427,000

    Looks like 2011-2013 were pretty healthy years, for their ESPP
    Appears a significant amount of cheap shares to top executives diluted the cost per new share so far, in 2014.

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    • Infinera has a tendency to favor its employees over its stockholders in my opinion. I think they do this to keep their top talent, but I think it is overdone. This observation is made as a former insider.

      Sometimes I get the suspicion that Infinera is an extremely expensive Dave Welch hobby. He's a good guy and I am not in general a detractor, but I do think there is a skew in who is taken care of and that it leans to employees. In a sense I guess I wonder if he's not too nice a guy.

      Lets see if they can become consistently profitable. Its been quite slow to happen.

      I don't buy the idea that Infinera needs to cater to employees this much. They lean that direction much more than other Silicon Valley companies.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • tracey563 Aug 4, 2014 12:12 PM Flag

      its a privat theiftum

    • Effing idiots. Management/Employees eating all the shares at low price and screwing long term investors. I feel like #$%$ wasting so much of time on this company. Glad i am out. Why do these people deserve any stock when the company has not earned a dime for God knows how many years? How does it matter if the technology is good, if they cannot earn money? No wonder the market hates this company. The way I see it, the only losers are the long term investors in this company. They put their hard earned money looking at their technology. Not good enough for business.

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      • ESPP a program utilizing employee's own money they put into an account each pay period and maybe at best they get a 15% discount. This tells me that employees are putting up 85% of there own money to buy shares. These are not given shares. Just discounted. As an employee at most Silicon Valley companies this is a standard perk. I am sure some there stock is under water as well if they have been in the ESPP program a fews years or more. The shares purschased under the ESPP are typically bought every 6 months and issued to employees based on a determined price within that time frame. So again they have plenty of skin in the game. RSUs are typically granted to senior management. Part of the price of doing business in the competitive talent pool environment in Silicon Valley.

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