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  • bud7cr bud7cr Mar 20, 2009 4:16 PM Flag

    Buy on close?

    About 6500 shares were bought at the close catapulting the stock back up above the 50 DMA.

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    • I think it's some funds buying many of healthcare stock.

      check out CNU, they also have a couple thousand shares bought right after close 10%+ above the last price

      and other big healthcare like HUM and WLP also have big volume right after close though it didn't push the stock price since they are bigger company and more liquid stock..

      or it could be tha today is the option expiration date though MDF and CNU has no options available I believe..

      anyway just brainstorming why would anyone buy 6500 shares way at above market price. could it be a newbie that submit at market order near the close and robbed by the MM

      have a good weekend all yall..!